Involution or Evolution

Involution or Evolution


Well, hello there. Someone said to me that they’re so happy when I say hello, and then I chuckle. It is always interesting when I’m sitting in my office, which I love dearly, and I’m talking to a camera just as though you are sitting right here in front of me and talking to me. And how do I do that? I don’t really think about you not being here. I look at the camera as though I am you, okay?

I’ve been pondering a few things lately, involution and evolution, and I’m trying to read ten pages a day. I can read and read and read, and I don’t seem to recall anything. I’m asking myself why? It’s only been 25 years since I stopped being able to read self-help books or how to heal books in that capacity. I’m focusing on trying to do that again because it just doesn’t make sense for me not to be able to.

Spiritual Liberation

I have been reading a book by Michael Bernard Beckwith called Spiritual Liberation, and he had a little discussion about involution versus evolution. Michael used an example of involution like a seed for a willow tree. That seed for a willow tree knows exactly its purpose inside through and through. It will always connect and grow up to be a willow tree. A seed for a willow tree cannot possibly grow up to be an oak tree, a rose bush or a philodendron. It has to grow up to be a willow tree. And that seed knows that internally, as well as externally.

Now, evolution happens when that seed is affected by its environment. It may have too much rain not have enough rain or soil. Or even fall on the driveway, so it cannot grow because there’s not that tiny crack in the driveway where it can get to and grow up in your driveway.


I know that there are seeds that are so determined here in the Ozarks that you can have a sheer bluff of rock and a tree growing out from that bluff of rock towards the light, and it’s still a full-size tree. I don’t understand how that is other than the sheer determination of that seed. Now that is evolution because the seed may not grow into any tree if the environment is not correct for it to grow. In other words, there’s not enough rain, light, and so on.

So evolution is the environment, is creating your internal purpose, or is affecting your inner purpose. As the seed knows through involution what it is, but it is being affected through evolution, through its external environment, as are you. So think of yourself as that seed.

You Were Divine

And yet, when you were created, when you were that twinkle in your parents’ eye before there was any outside influence, you were divine; you were perfect. You were exactly as you were destined to be. Exactly. And then, as the evolution of humanity comes into play, you heard things on the outside of your mother’s womb. You were imprinted with maybe brothers and sisters or situations when you were a baby before you were even aware that you were outside your mother’s womb. And you continued to be affected by evolution, which is the external influence.

So then, to respond to the evolution of your own destiny, you become involuted, or you go inside. And through meditation, contemplation, prayer, gratitude, you then go inside into your own stillness as in going inside into your own seed. And remember who you came in to be before all of the other influences helped you evolve. So then you get to have a combination of the two. The outward influences help you evolve and help you form who you are that has already been formed at the time of your conception. And the involution is helping you understand that it really takes both for you to survive.

Taking in Your Environment

So think about it this week how you take in your environment, take your being-ness, and go inside and remember who you truly are and who you are destined to be. What that means is to live the love that you already are. There are no mistakes. You are yourself perfect, clear, and acknowledged before any evolutionary inputs happen; it’s simply a matter of returning to that.

Things that make you go hmm; in the last two books that I’ve read, that’s what I remember, just to let you know. I will continue on this path, and we will see how it all goes. I love you all so much. And thank you for listening to my own wanderings through the mind of Marilyn. Namaste, y’all. Namaste.

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