The Truth About The Walk-in Phenomenon

  • WHO: Lightworkers, world-changers, big-thinkers, and an ongoing series of speakers.
  • WHAT: LIVE interviews with people who’ve experience Soul Transformation and awakened to amazing gifts
  • WHEN: Monthly series, M-Th 6:00 PM PDT – See Calendar for next series.
  • WHERE: Computer or phone, Log-in instructions sent once you’ve registered.
  • WHY: To gather like-minded people, debunk myths, create community, and raise the vibration of this planet

The Truth About… The Walk-in Phenomenon

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BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND Online… The Truth About The Walk-in Phenomenon

This series has been so popular that we are bringing it back throughout the year: 4-Days of Walk-ins, or others who have experienced a soul transformation, sharing their expertise beginning 6 PM PDT, T-FR, at various times throughout the year. Check our calendar for the next webinar series. Listen from your computer or call in from your phone. Scroll down for more details…


Does the term “walk-in” or “soul transformation” resonate with you? Have you or someone you know experienced major, sudden, life changes? Do you feel that you are not from here?

According to Wikipedia: A walk-in is a new age concept of a person whose original soul has departed his or her body and has been replaced with a new soul, either temporarily or permanently.

Marilyn Harper of Adironnda & Company, a walk-in herself, and co-producer of the International Walk-ins Welcome Conference has been directed by her Guidance System to urgently help spread…
The Truth About the Walk-in Phenomenon: 4-days with Walk-ins

This 4-day series will introduce you to many various people who will share their amazing personal stories about this phenomenon. Not all speakers are walk-ins, but all speakers are fully aware of the phenomenon and may have experienced some kind of spiritual transformation.

Marilyn walked-in in 1993 with new Spiritual gifts and soon found other walk-ins with similar stories. With the new wave of these Souls arriving she’s been directed to gather and assist walk-ins (and their families) to understand their role and the urgency in assisting with the Shift of the planet.

Join us live and you will also have the opportunity to submit questions online and on the phone.


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