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9 thoughts on “Thanks!

  1. phyllis theall says:

    Do we have to register each month for the series. I am looking for the replay of the events. Of particular interest this month
    Mon – Mary Rodwell. I get the reminders of the event but am looking for the replay’s.

    Phyllis Theall

  2. Terry Biederman says:

    Hi you guys
    So you were trying to have a WE meeting without me huh! Should I feel rejected hurt and sad? Well it’s not going to be as much fun as it was in Minnesota. Or is it? I will miss the hugs though big time! It seems we have lost touch with the whole group since Liz died and WE went south (no pun in tended). I hope this message gets to Marilyn or John or one of the famous Missouri group! WITH ALL MY LOVE TERRY & (Nancy my side kick)
    PS I am currently living in Chiang Mai Thailand. And we are missing a spiritual connection over here big time So we are really looking forward to this class After all I’ve never missed a WE meeting yet.

  3. Janis Butler says:

    I will be out of town the whole time of the webinars. will be be able to access them by replay after the event, or do i miss out completely?
    I leave town tomorrow, July 29, without my computer
    thanks for answering. Janis

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