Marilyn and Joeaux

Marilyn from Walk-in ConferenceMarilyn Harper has been a Divine Link and a Clear Channel for Adironnda, a multi-dimensional “spokes-being,” for over a decade. Marilyn is an intuitive coach, a Reiki Master, Quantum Touch healer, Spiritual teacher, award-winning speaker, and co-creator of dozens of Guided Meditations. She hosts a monthly, channeled message for subscribers all over the world. She has a gift of guiding people thru the Akashic Records to see past, future and present lives to release anything not serving their Highest Good.



Joeaux RobeyJoeaux Robey is a former corporate marketing executive, recently turned Evangelist and Promoter of all things Spiritual, now working exclusively with Adironnda and Marilyn and has dedicated her life to packaging and bringing the gifts of Marilyn and Adironnda to the world. She is an entrepreneur, speaker, artist, author and creative channel and is currently working on becoming a Reiki Master and healer under the tutelage of Marilyn.

Both Marilyn and Joeaux are walk-ins. Together, with grace, ease and laughter, thru Adironnda & Company, they bring messages from the Masters and Archangels that help people find and live in their Highest Joy. Tonight they will share with you more of their journey into the world of Spirit and how they have learned to hear and communicate, clearly.

Date: April 15, 2013
Hosts: Marilyn Harper and Joeaux Robey
Title: “Can You Hear Me Now?” said Adironnda
Run Time: Main Presentation – 01:15:52

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