Dr. Richard London

Dr. Richard London, world renowned author and business consultant tells us what our future really looks like. “There is so much uncertainty in our world today, and people know that the tools of the past are no longer working for them.” He is the Leading Visionary Manifestation Business Intelligence Coach in the World. His clients include famous Media/Entertainment Personalities, Industry Leaders, Corporate Leaders, Leaders of Countries, and major organizations worldwide.

He is the founder of 14 world charities. As C.E.O of Prodigymind Companies, www.prodigymind.com he directed the building of 200+ web-based companies that educate professionals, www.educationdigest.com. Dr. Richard London is author of forthcoming books Doctorate of Business Life:Creating Success and Wealth with No Limits and Great Language – Great Life:Communicate to Wealth, Words that Create Miracles in your Life.

His Doctorate of Business “Wellnessaire Life Program”, is a new revolutionary “Life Path” which gives participants the blueprint for becoming a Wellnessaire: Abundant in Wealth, Wellness, Peace, Love and Spirituality.He provides business people with the Skills, Wisdom, Business Intelligence and mindset to create greater business results for individuals, teams and organizations as a whole, even in the most challenging business environment in recent history.

Date: March 21, 2013
Hosts: Marilyn Harper, Joeaux Robey and Dr. Richard London
Title: The Doorway to Agreement and the Action Steps to Get There
Run Time: Main Presentation – 01:11:46

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