Help To Anchor In the Cities of Light

Join Marilyn Harper & Joeaux Robey, plus other world-changing Lightworkers, in a soul-family reunion specifically to encourage more awakening for the people of this Planet.
FRI/SAT/SUN – Sept. 28-30, 2012. 9AM-6PM
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Plus, Sedona Excursion – THURS Sept. 27, 8AM-7PM

Sedona Vortex and Montezuma’s Well

This is a combined effort between the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Inter-Galactic Federation to create Cities of Light over major areas of the Earth, the SouthWest region being one. We will be dedicating a portion of our consciousness to the City of Light within the region of the SouthWest, including the Phoenix to Sedona, Arizona area.

Listen to bj King talk about the Cities of Light >


ASK YOUR SOUL IF YOU ARE TO JOIN US… 3 Full Days of Amazing Speakers: Marilyn Harper & Adironnda, Dr. Todd Ovokaitys, Bryan deFlores & Jamye Price, William Linville, Jennifer Hough, bj King, Lenedra Carroll, John F. Schulte, Leandra Murray, Christine Bannigan, and SoulTones.

Originally, for the 2011 Walk-ins Welcome Conference, Marilyn Harper was directed to gather the walk-ins, starseeds, and galactics. We realized that Lightworkers of all kinds were showing up! The common denominator was (and is this year, too) that both speakers and participants know they are here to help with the Shift of this Planet.

Our speakers have volunteered their time in order to deliver their special message, activation, or meditation to as many people as possible. Join us in anchoring in the Cities of Light!
Speakers Include:

Pictured above from left to right.

  • Host, *Marilyn Harper of Adironnda & Company, a multi-dimensional “spokes-being” for a team of Archangels, Teachers, Avatars, and Guides from Source energy, speaks through Marilyn Harper, as a “divine link.” She has dedicated her life to spreading Adironnda’s messages here on Earth and this conference is proof! She is both the producer and emcee, with a heart warming and powerful style of creating flow within her audiences while in the midst of activating them.
  • *Dr. Todd Ovokaitys has been developing the Pineal ToneTM series for over a decade. He was inspired by a deep inner knowing of an ancient time in an ancient land. Known as Yawee, one of the greatest architects of all time, who built the Temple of Rejuvenation on the mountaintops of Lemuria. Also. the Spin Master, one of the greatest scientists to ever walk the planet. This is a rare opportunity to hear Dr. Todd’s wisdom.
  • *Bryan deFlores & Jamye Price work hand-in-hand in delivering the 13,000 plus hand-drawn, channeled transmissions created by Bryan. These images of Light Language are designed to trigger a reconfiguration of our consciousness; returning us to our original blueprints of divine perfection and connection. The accelerators, or imagery, connects humanity with the new thought fields and streams of consciousness currently merging with our planetary matrix.
  • *William Linville has ascended beyond all Akashic record levels etc., perceptions of the truth, identifications, beliefs etc., which allows him to download clarity on any and all topics. He is here to assist you in accelerating and amplifying the process of you remembering, embodying and expanding into your Creator Essence and to experience all of your magnificence.
  • *bj King is a practical mystic and the Director of the Namaste Retreat Center, in Oklahoma City. She’s an expert in Oversoul to Oversoul Communication and a liaison between the Intergalactic Federation, The Spiritual Hierarchy, Angels and Humanity. She’s written many books and travels extensively to conduct energy work to aid in the protection of Humanity and the Earth. bj is a powerful, yet hilarious teacher.
  • Lenedra Carroll has spent over 50 years exploring chants, sounds and techniques from all over the world. She healed her damaged heart muscle and discovered techniques to sooth her through frightening times. Other sound skills made her an effective communicator, improved her work, enhanced intimacy, and helped build a direct connection to Source, to the Highest in her. She is a pure example of Celestial sound.
  • John F. Schulte is a clear channel for the Ascended Masters and the Spiritual Hierarchy. John is a Sound Healer, and a Spiritual Teacher and Speaker, designated by Melchizedek as a “Master Electrician of the Soul.” He is compassionate about the struggles of walking the spiritual path. With degrees in English, Education and Theater, John offers clarity, wisdom, and an offbeat sense of humor; amplifying the transformative power of his work for everyone.
  • Leandra Murray sees into other dimensions and has experienced amazing synchronicities. For the past 16 years, she has lived on the Flathead Indian Reservation in Montana and guided by Sprit has travels, hosts retreats, teaches classes, consults with individual clients and creates symbols and portal paintings. She is a Seer and Galactic Shaman with gifts of knowing, vision, healing, changemaker abilities and prophecy.
  • Christine Bannigan has had multiple soul exchanges and has agreed to be part of a galactic experimentto determine the level of consciousness a being can reach, via the process of successive soul exchanges. She has facilitated thousands of soul exchanges, and supports walk-ins to start doing the work they came here to do. Her Evolution Series of books opens minds and hearts to the invisible forces that are always guiding us.
  • *Jennifer Hough’s work is about experiencing your unlimited health, natural state of joy and prosperity. Her Get Out of Your Own WayTM program is unique in the world and uses the Law of Awakening to cause spontaneous shifts in consciousness and your life. Her energy will infuse you with the remembrance of who you are… and that is magnificent! GAME ON! Let’s all fly forward in the ease, flow and joy that comes with awakening!!
  • SoulTones’ first experience of quartz crystal singing bowls affected them tremendously by the mystical sounds and vibrations. They immediately purchased 3 crystal singing bowls. Now, they use the bowls in their Reiki healing practice: an extraordinary coupling of psychic energy work and sound wave therapy. This turned into Visioning concerts throughout the country. They have played on multiple CD’s with other musicians and have performed for the Dalai Lama.
  • PLUS a Channel Panel especially for The Clarion Call! Which speakers will make the panel? We’re not saying… you’ll have to be present to experience it.

*Keynote Speakers Schedule:

  • FRIDAY Dr. Todd Ovokaitys, Pineal Toning and Global Healing and Marilyn Harper, Divine Link with Adironnda & Company / CoCreator of the Walk-ins Welcome conference
  • SATURDAY Bryan deFlores & Jamye Price, Light Language duo, and William Linville, lightening fast activator who will help you to “remember”
  • SUNDAY bj King, practical mystic and oversoul to oversoul expert, and Jennifer Hough , creator of Get Out Of Your Own WayTM
Both 3-Day and 1-Day passes are available!

PRE-CONFERENCE: Sedona Vortex & Montezuma’s Well

Those who feel called to this event play a special role in the 2012 Walk-ins Welcome Conference and the Cities of Light!

We’ve heard the “Clarion Call” for LightWorkers to raise the vibration for the Shifting of this planet. Sedona, Arizona is one of the highest vibrations on Earth. What better place to spend one-on-one time with many of our very gifted speakers!

  • First stop will be the ancient energy of Montezuma’s Well. We will be led in meditation and Channeling by bj King, Leandra Murray, John F Schulte, and Marilyn Harper (Adironnda). You’ll also have a little time to explore the dwellings of Arizona’s first beings, the Sinagua.
  • Next stop, lunch in Sedona (included). Mingle and chat with the speakers and network with your new best friends in a casual, fun environment.
  • Finally, off to a Sedona Vortex. You will assist in reactivating the energy of the vortex. These amazing portals have shifted due to the commercialization of the area. We will set our intention and raise the vibration of all around us to establish a heightened awareness and respect for these sacred sites.

This tour sets the tone for excitement and appreciation for one another and for our world together as it carries us through to the opening meditation of our Conference. As a bonus, you’ll also enjoy the music of Lenedra Carroll and SoulTones, enroute!


Registrations & Accommodations

Embassy Suites NorthRegistration is brisk and we are 60% full now! Same goes for the Pre-Event, and the Hotel rooms. IF YOU HAVE NOT REGISTERED, PLEASE DO SO NOW!

3-Day Passes AND 1-Day Passes are available!
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Rooms are still available yet filling up fast at the event venue: Embassy Suites North, Phoenix. Contact the hotel and use code ADC.

PS. Phoenix is beautiful in September – be sure to bring your swimsuits!!!

PPS. 1-Day passes and PreEvent Excursion are available separately, too.

For a sneak preview of our Conference

This popular series includes 4-Days of interviews of walk-ins, or others who have experienced soul transformation, sharing their gifts and synchronicities. Each series is recorded and archived so you can listen at any time!The Truth About The Walk-in Phenomenon

  • Next series: Sept. 18-21, 2012
  • When: 6PM Pacific Time Zone Converter >
  • Where: Online or on the phone

Our upcoming series includes many conference speakers:

  • TUES – Speakers: John F. Schulte, Leandra Murray, and bj King
  • WED – Speaker Lenedra Carroll, the celestial, singing heart and sound healer
  • THURS – Speaker Jennifer Hough, Creator of Get Out of Your Own WayTM
  • FRI- Speakers: SoulTones, Galactic Musicians with the Crystal and Tibetan Singing bowls.


The Walk-ins Welcome International Conference and The Truth About the Walk-in Phenomenon are both sponsored by Adironnda & Company.

Adironnda & Company, P.O. Box 2324, Springfield, MO USA 65801


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