The 05/05 Double Digit… Live from Rock ‘N Rhythms


Full Moon Rock n RhythmsMarilyn and Joeaux are knee deep in crystals for our Rock ‘N Rhythms Retreat on 5/5 /2012 – – – and Adironnda says “the show must go on!” (Not exactly their words but close : ) The Double Digit message will be delivered LIVE from Mt. Ida, Arkansas during our Retreat and you can join us via phone or ask questions live via computer.


It all begins Saturday, May 5th, 2012 at 7PM Central.


So, what’s the big deal about the 05/05/2012 message?


  • 5/5 indicates BIG CHANGES… so gather with like-minded people to send receptive energy to one another
  • It’s the Wesak Moon – a time when all religions come together welcoming the Ascended Masters
  • Accelerating and accentuating YOUR personal connection to those Ascended Masters
  • AND WE are in Mt. Ida, Arkansas, one of the highest energetic vibrations on the planet during the Double Digit session (there are no mistakes).


“Hang on, Bessie – – it’s going to be a wild ride!” ~ Adironnda


Subscribe now to the Double Digit monthly session for as little as $12/month. (That’s less than 3 Starbucks frappuccinos and “way” less fattening.) Already a subscriber? You will receive a link and password within 48 hours to join us via phone or computer LIVE on May 5th, 2012.


See you online!
Namasté Ya’all,


Marilyn Harper


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