Join Us in Thailand

join us in thailand

Join Us in Thailand

Joeaux: Hi. I’m Joeaux Robey.

Marilyn: And I am Marilyn Harper.

Joeaux: And we would like to invite you to join us in Thailand this Fall.

Marilyn: Why would somebody wanna travel with us?

Joeaux: Well, this is our, I think our third trip to Thailand, and Thailand is like the land of happy people, the land of magic, the land of elephants, and Buddha. I think the reason that people would wanna come is to awaken all of that within them.

Marilyn: And it’s so fascinating because we spend 24/7 with you. I mean, there’s a small group, very intimate and we travel with you and all your travel is included once you get to Thailand. And, you know, it’s so amazing because Joeaux was talking about mystical experiences. Something happens to you when you look into the eyes of an elephant. I can’t even explain it. It’s like it awakens something in your soul, it awakens something in your heart.

The last time we were there, one of our participants, we were out on the field and there were elephants there. And this elephant saw her and almost came running towards her, which was a little alarming.

Joeaux: A little scary to have these huge animals running towards you.

Marilyn: However, this elephant’s soul recognized her soul. Now, we can’t guarantee that that’s going to happen all the time, but this elephant explored all over her smell, her breath, her energy, and it was so beautiful to watch. And she was perfectly comfortable with it. And afterwards…I have it on video somewhere that she said, “I shared the breath of an elephant, I shared the breath of my elephant, It was so, so amazing.” And those are the kind of mystical experiences that we have.

We go to a refugee school and teach English and again, something happens to your heart when you see these little kids that don’t ever get to hear an English, an American person speak or see an American person. And that we teach them how to pronounce the words and how to pronounce the words in English and it just amazingly opens your heart.

We also go to Phra A-jahn Den, which is our favorite monk and he has a ceremony with several other monks for us. And he’s such a humble, heart-centered person that we learn from him. I’ve known him since 2001 when…and he has built this amazing temple since then. What else do we get to do?

Joeaux: Well, one of the things that I’m really excited about is we do this thing called the monk chat. And normally we go to a place in Chiang Mai, which we’re still going to Chiang Mai. But this time we get to go to a temple in Bangkok that is run by a female monk. Now the thing about monks is that they must be trained by another monk of their sex, which is why you don’t see a lot of female monks. I mean, I always thought it was something else. I always thought it had to do with women are not allowed to be monks but that’s not it at all. It’s that there’s not enough women monks to train more women monks, that’s why you don’t see them. So, she’s dedicated her life to having this temple where she can train more female monks and we get to go and have our monk chat, which is where we can ask them anything at all about being a monk and I’m excited about that part.

Marilyn: And then we go to the festival of lanterns, Loy Krathong or Yi Peng.

Joeaux: We always forget the name.

Marilyn: You’ve seen pictures of it where they let…they put this fire underneath a lantern and let it go and you can let go of whatever you need to let go of. It may be your ancestors, it may be the family members that have passed on. We light a little boat and send it off in the river, it’s a very sacred ceremony. You know, the whole country celebrates that. It’s amazing to see all of these lanterns going up in the sky. You know, one of the things that we do is we have self-directed adventures. We have channeling every day, of course.

Joeaux: And spontaneous channeling.

Marilyn: And spontaneous channeling.

Joeaux: Because you never know who on the Council is gonna come out and give us a message.

Marilyn: That’s correct, but just spontaneous adventure sometimes. It was raining last time we were there for a couple of days. And we sat in the hotel room and each one of us had a whole little ceremony with everybody else in that group, and we all helped each other grow and expand into our own heart center. It’s just something that we can’t…it’s hard to describe.

Joeaux: Well, and our trips are also limited to 22 people. So, there’s usually somewhere between 12 and 22 people, we hang out with you the entire time. And what we’ve noticed is the people who attend those trips, they become like a soul family, they become so close with…The last two groups we’ve had, they have a WhatsApp group where they share to this day, like, maybe once a week or so, they’re always in touch with each other. And they, you know, they send energy for healings and they just become a very bonded group.

Marilyn: And you may wonder why it’s WhatsApp and what is WhatsApp? WhatsApp is an international way of staying in contact on a smartphone, and they did WhatsApp instead of a regular message so they can include the international people that were on our trip.

Joeaux: Yeah, because people come from all over the world to pick up an aspect of themselves with Marilyn and I and Adironnda.

Marilyn: And what does picking up an aspect mean?

Joeaux: It just means going there and finding a part of a past life, or maybe a part of your life in this life now, that you needed to experience again so that you could either release it…or incorporate it back into your life today.

Marilyn: It really is an amazing encounter for your soul. It’s a journey getting there of course, but it’s also an amazing encounter for your soul and about whatever your next step is for your soul. And you get all kinds of messages from Adironnda, the Buddha, Yeshua, any of them on the Council can come in. It’s powerful, it’s heart-centered. It’s awakening something within you that may have laid dormant for thousands of years, since maybe the last time your soul was in Thailand.

Joeaux: And we still visit a lot of the places that you would visit on a normal tour. But if you’ve ever wanted to go to Thailand and experience it in a more magical, mystical way, we invite you to join us.

Marilyn: Namaste, y’all.

Joeaux: Namaste.

Join Us in Thailand and Awaken the Buddha Within

November 9 – 24, 2019

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