June 2015 – Divine Partnership

The 6/6 Double Digit will be upon us before we know it.
You know it’s going to be a big energy, I’m sure, because I will be a guest channel at the big Channeling Mega Spectacular three-day channeling event following the Summer Light Conference with Kryon – Lee Carol, in Sedona, during that time.

As a matter of fact, the 6/6 is the only day in the big channeling mega spectacular that I’m not channeling. On the day of the Double Digit, we’ll have all that good, juicy information.

The 6/6 is about divine partnership.

Obviously, I am in some sort of divine partnership with Lee Carol and Kryon. But it’s really more than that. It’s about being in divine partnership with yourself. It’s about acknowledging all the relationships in your whole world.

If your capital “R” Relationship is not divine, what can you do within yourself to help that divinity where it could rise to the surface?

It may be relationships for your work, or partnerships with your friends. It may be about letting some people go, and acknowledging others to come into your life.

Two is the partnership energy. Yet zero is the energy of source. So, we are combining that divinity within your relationships and activating the socks off of them.

If you don’t have a capital “R” Relationship, then we will activate that energy within you. If you do, then we’ll activate the energy to see if we can help you remember what you are connecting with that energy, in the first place, and cherish that relationship.


Whooh! Divine partnership. Within you.



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