June 2022 Frequency Insight

June 2022 is a 3

It is June 2022. There was a time in my life when I didn’t even think I would make it to June 2022, but here we are. Now, what does that mean to you? Well, this is the frequency of the month. You’ve got the 6, and then you’ve got 2022, which is also a 6.

So, 6 plus 6 equals a 12, then you add 1 plus 2, which equals a 3. I love 3s. Even though the 3 is a little bit out of balance. It’s got that rolly bottom on it. We’ll see how that pertains to this month of June.

We’ve got the Double Digitology book. I’m going to read a little bit from it. The key to understanding the 3 is its Universal association with the Trinity. In all religions, there is something about a Trinity. There’s something about the culture of the Planets.

Sacred Trinity

The 3 represents a sacred triangle. The ascended masters also represent that sacred triangle. The 3, as it comes into the month of June, is all about bringing in the ascended masters to assist. This is really a time for you to connect. This is a time for you to connect to whatever your sacred Trinity is.

It may be your mother, your father, and your little brother. It may also be God, Jesus, and the Mother Mary, or it may be Arch Angels, Michael, Gabriel, and Rafael. Whatever you consider a sacred trinity, this is the month to connect with him. Now you can also connect with the sacred geometry of a triangle. The triangle connects to the Merkabah or the Merkavah, whichever way you want to say it.

That energy is made up of a transporter. This month, you will be transporting your energy, take a deep breath, into other Planets’ vibrations. Other Planets’ vibrations are coming in clearer and more apparent to you. That’s what this month is all about.

Initiating Diversity

It is also a catalyst for change. I just glanced down at the clock, and it was 3:33. How funny is that? The catalyst for change in the 3 that’s the Tibetan numerology. That is a bit of what we’re experiencing right now.

There’s a transformation of the energy and the frequency of connection. Let me just read this to you. The 3 is also a change maker. A catalyst for change, 3s can be difficult with people. Believe it or not, well, we won’t get into politics.

They can be a bit gruff in their delivery, but they’re moderated by the energy of a Trinity of a three-sided triangle. They can be connected with gentleness, kindness, and love. The 3 is about connecting with your ascended masters. It’s about talent in the artistic realm. It’s about being social, amusing, entertaining, and entertained.

Bridge to Neutralize

It’s about being very verbal. If you’re a 3, if your birthday is this month, you might look at that. They’re also acknowledging the eagerness that the 3 have to look for others within themselves. To get a balance from that optimism, kindness, and a genuine desire to serve. The 3 is an interesting number Adironnda and the spokes being for the council that I channel.

They actually sometimes call it asymmetrical. If you close the circles of the 3, it would be like two 0s stacked on top of each other, which could be an eight. It’s far-reaching energy to look at it that way. But because of that, it’s all about connecting to balance. There’s more here.

This doesn’t happen very often, but I’m going to step aside. I feel the energy that they are asking to come in for you. If you don’t know me, I’m a channel, I connect, and they’re with me all the time, but sometimes they speak directly. I’m just going to know that we’re all cleared, sealed, and protected. Anyone who listens to this is also cleared and sealed, and protected.

You Are Not Abandoned

Ah, so it is a good day to you, huh? So very good to see your light, brightness, divine presence, and dearest beings of light. If you are not aware of who we are, we are Adironnda, and we bring with us an entire council of beings of light on your behalf. Our “Vessel,” Marilyn, sets back in the back, and we come forward even though we are indeed always with her.

This is a very strong energy this month. You’re aware of that, yes? This is the month of 12, which is also a sacred number. You’ve got 12 months in the year, a cycle of 12. You’ve got many energies wrapped up in the 12.

However, when you break that down, it comes to the 3, which is all about the balance within your soul. This month, you will feel like you are flailing about in the world, and you are putting out fires here and there, asking your guides, your seers, and all of that energy. “Why have you forsaken me?” In this month, take a deep breath, dearest.

They have not forsaken you. They have not disengaged from you. You are the reason we are here. Breathe that in as the lawnmower passes by the window. You are the reason we came to this Planet and selected the sweet “Vessel” Marilyn to bring our message as directed by the Source.

Look Inside You

Things are heating up just a bit. Things are becoming a little more difficult than they might seem. We’ve told you for many years that anything that is not in integrity will rise to the surface, implode, and be connected to you directly. You can look at the places in your life that are still out of balance, still connecting or disconnecting from your soul’s desire.

There are no mistakes in your creation. You have never made a mistake that was far-reaching into your soul. We know that many people think, “Oh, well, you’ve got karma that you’re working with, and you’ve got all this energy. So, you killed somebody in 1603, and you are still paying for that with your guilt.” Well, it is time to let that go this month.

This is the time, this sacred energy of the 3, to call upon your guidance to assist. Every day, we will ask you to stop and pause if you can at 3:33, that is the 9, then ending of a cycle of disengagement of your soul. That is what this month is about ending a cycle of your soul being disengaged from itself.

Now you think, “Well, how can your soul be disengaged from yourself because you are part of yourself?” Dearest beings of light, are you always connected to your heart? Are you always connected to your soul in the energy of love, to all living creatures on this Planet? That is who you truly are, love unto itself.

Start the Transformation

With that energy and divine frequency of love, we ask you to embrace the sacred Trinity of yourself and a source, yourself and God, if you would, or yourself and love. To know that in this month of transformation, the season changing from spring to summer, from fall to winter, wherever you are, that is the transformation of your heart. That is your connection of you. We are just going to activate that connection. Is that all right?

We hope so. If not, you can shut us off right now, but we’re going to activate that connection. We are actually going to place our “Vessel” Marilyn’s hands. Everything is possible these days; the intention is everything. Take a deep breath, and hopefully, you’re not driving.

If you’re driving right now, don’t do this. But if not, take a few deep breaths. Set your energy wherever you are in the future and feel our “Vessel” Marilyn’s hands on the front and back of your heart choker. There you are. We are activating within you the truth of you, the love of you, the balance in this month of transformation of you.

We bring that foundation that is searching for strength and reinforce it. Also allow that crowd to be connected directly to your Sacred Trinity, whoever they may be. Allow your inner light to be magnified to see, sense, feel and hear your own personal holiness. We ask that holiness come through in the transformation of your communication.

Do It with Love

You may call it channeling if you wish, we teach that, but it is the transformation of your communication. All communication comes through you from the consciousness of love. Take a deep breath on that one. Dearly beloved, that love that you express is the truest form of you. Receive it as you place your hands over your own heart.

I will be there with you. We’ve got delivered when the masters come through, always a sudden change. As you are holding your own heart, feel us there with you holding your heart as well, activating you as the catalyst of change to embrace your own ascended masters, your own guidance, and your own experience for you. We love you deeply.

Repeat your Namaste, Namaste, welcome to my world. If you would like to know a little more about the 6 and then 2022, we did have The Double Digits activation this month on the 6-6. Thank you for joining me for the frequency of the month. I love you all; we will see you. Namaste y’all. Namaste.

We love hearing your feedback and reading your comments! Do you feel you are transporting your energy this month? Be sure to leave us your answer and thoughts below.

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    It is life on a roller coaster at the moment but we will get thru it with the help we are getting. I am sure of that and as I am nearly 86 and have gone thru enough to know that it is so.

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