Just Say Yes


Marilyn: Hello, here we are on the beach. We’re gonna turn around and let you see the beach here. This is a panoramic view.

Joeaux: Of Joeaux.

Marilyn: Yes. We’re here, you know we were just… I was just reminiscing. You wanna hold that? Yeah, there you go. You’ve got longer arms. So I was just reminiscing…

Joeaux: Let’s talk this way so we can and they can see the beach.

Marilyn: I was just reminiscing that it was in 2010, eight years ago, that we joined as partners in October and in 2011, we took our second tour which was to Oceanside, California where we encountered Mary Kennedy and Dr. Todd and Paula Brunyan and Deb DeLisi and a whole bunch of other people.

Joeaux: Robbie Adkins.

Marilyn: Robbie Adkins. Golly, who else did we meet there? All kinds of wonderful people. And here we are now, eight years later, seven years later, 2018. On the opposite coast, on the Atlantic Ocean…

Joeaux: North Carolina.

Marilyn: North Carolina and there’s been just so much that has transpired. You know, it really is about saying yes to the universe.

Joeaux: Yes, yes, yes, yes.

Marilyn: Yes, yes, yes. Sometimes it’s about, you know, I shook my fist at the universe and said, I quit unless you send me some help. They sent me Joeaux.

Joeaux: And I shook my fist at the universe today and they tagged the wrong campaign and went out double so you probably got two of the same email from me. That was my fault.

Marilyn: But you know, what happened? Did you get all upset and scream and yell?

Joeaux: No.

Marilyn: Did you laugh?

Joeaux: No, I called up and Infusionsoft and made a joke out of it. I said, help. Save me from myself.

Marilyn: Exactly. And so you made the person in Infusionsoft laugh, and it’s all perfect. And so you get two emails from us, delete one of them because it’s just a repeat or you get a welcome email before you registered for something, register anyway.

Joeaux: And if you get triggered remember, it’s about you. Own that stuff.

Marilyn: That’s right. Own that stuff. Anything else we wanna share?

Joeaux: Just how much we love our people. The last couple of weeks we’ve been at Phoenix and we’ve been here to Wilmington. We’re at Ocean Isle right now but we’re in Wilmington this weekend and next weekend we go to Sacramento with our “How to Channel” Plurkshop and it’s just been so much fun. And we’re rolling out our next Plurkshops.

Marilyn: We’re rolling out the Selenite Sword Plurkshop. I’m so excited. We’re teaching a webinar and we’re rolling out the Selenite Sword Plurkshop in April and the “Accelerating Your Quantum Energy” and “Creating synchronicity” in Minneapolis and in the Boston area, the end of April. It is…

Joeaux: Just because we said yes.

Marilyn: Just because we said yes.

Joeaux: And we hope you say yes too.

Marilyn: Say yes to you.

Joeaux: Yes, yes, yes.

Marilyn: Yes, yes, yes. I love it out here. It’s so beautiful.

Joeaux: It is.

Namaste y’all,


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3 thoughts on “Just Say Yes

  1. Angela says:

    You two always make me smile, and sometimes laugh…you have such an open and welcoming presence, with a kindness that is often missing in this world. Thank you! And keep on enjoying life! You are a great example for all of us. Love you!

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