Katrina & Sephira

About Katrina and Sephira

Katrina and Sephira are working with the council of Design (Argomenthia) to assist with the imbalanced and currently incomplete curriculum. This collaborative council of design of the Elohim and Melchizedek are Engineers, Archetypes of Design of the I AM Collective that have entered your current place of being through a nexus point known as the Neth-Ra-Aeon-Isis (Throne of many visions), Katrina and Sephira are pulling and weaving the necessary higher vibratory energies for the inlays of new curriculum. This weaving of energy with their heightened awareness allows them to view and recalibrate the truth and illusion which are threads of this paradigm. Part of this mission is to equip already activated light workers with upgraded light codes, DNA, templates, and overlays. They use sacred intonement to activate visions and they are the central hub of supportive energy to bring these forward. They work with the New Earth, Galactic Grids, and Inner Earth Beings to teach and assist humanity as they move into galactic citizenship. As creation beings they have vast multi-universal connections to the Galactic, Masters, Angels, Elementals, Dragons, Animal Kingdom, and Spirit World. As Twin Aspects working in unison as balancing aspects of duality, they can switch roles and hold either end of the bridge. This marriage creates a unified whole of shared consciousness and abilities.

Katrina is a creation mother that is carrying Light Codes, Keys, and Visions for Humanity. She uses sacred tones and various light languages to integrate DNA, templates, new overlays, and soul retrievals. As a guardian of sacred libraries she is able to retrieve unique Akashic thought forms that will connect you with the remembrance of wisdom and codes that you carry. She has the ability to travel into people’s mind, body, soul to scan for imbalances and illness that is harbored within blocks. This divine pure light energy work allows her to transmute, transform, and transfigure. Katrina has the ability to channel vast energies and all of her multi-dimensional selves. She sets on various councils and oversees the deployment of energy into the Earth, anchoring them here.

Sephira StarSong is an oracle holding the eye of many visions. She has the ability to intone these visions into reality. She is a keeper of the dragons and assists them and all the mythic allies on this plane and during transitions. She carries Keys for humanity and the ability to connect, retrieve, and access vibratory intonement for sentient consciousness. Working in tandem with crystal skull aspects of herself from other incarnations and sacred objects holding consciousness, she facilitates their work through channeling.

Topic: The New Curriculum

How you can assist with weaving the new curriculum through grids, codes, and templates in partnership with new allies. We will share what is occurring with the grids and important information from Argomenthia about the changes in how to weave light into this design.