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Have you ever struck on an idea so true that it sent shivers down your spine? Good shivers! The very best kind of shivers! And have you ever, then, shared your truth with someone else, possibly even someone you love very much and who loves you back, only to have them sort of tilt their head sideways and fix you with a doubting look—a little squinty-eyed, maybe, like they were trying to see you more clearly? Perhaps they even muttered, “Huh?” or asked you to explain your idea some more, because, although they could hear the words coming out of your mouth, they hadn’t the foggiest notion what you were trying to say?

Well, given a choice between those ‘very best kind of shivers’
and the vibe you’re getting from your squinty-eyed, tilty-headed loved one,
which are you going to choose?

Put that way… no brainer, right? But playing out in real life? It can be a brainer, alright!

So let’s look at this. Let’s talk about why a person—any person, but especially someone who loves you the most—would ever want to get between you and your ‘idea so true.’ Let’s talk, too, about what you can do to head off such unwanted input. And, before we’re done, let’s talk about how you can know your truth when you see it (or, more likely, feel it!), just in case it hasn’t already made itself known to you.

Who’s Truth Is It, Anyway?

Truth at the Cross Roads

But first, let me state the obvious: Your truth is just that: yours! As such, it is vitally important to your life. Guidance for your very soul! Although you may choose to share it—because, hey, the best things in life are definitely worth sharing—the fact remains, this is your truth, and no one else need apply!

And yet, they do. Now, why might that be?

There are many reasons why people may want to discourage an idea you have, some of them good, others not so much.

Best Intentions:

  • They want to protect you from embarrassment.
  • They are concerned about your finances.
  • They have seen you try something similar in the past that didn’t work.
  • They don’t want you to push yourself out of your comfort zone.

Ulterior Motives:

  • They are jealous.
  • They don’t trust their own ideas.
  • They fear your success will take you away from them.

Well enough of that! No one else can be expected to “get” what you are feeling, because it is unique to you. Well-intentioned or not, others can sometimes crush a seedling of an idea before it is ready to stand on its own. Understanding this, don’t give them the chance!

When you have an idea that feels so good, treat it like a delicate sprout that needs to fill out before being put on display. Shield it from the winds, shade it from the hot sun, water it with your love. And, above all, don’t give up on it!

How Do I Get There from Here?

But how on Earth do you learn to trust your own judgment about what is right for you? How do you discover your authentic truth, your soul’s purpose? It can be hard to see sometimes because, even without asking for input, we tend to pick up on what others see for us. In our need for approval, our need to be part of a “tribe,” we are often influenced by what others think we should be doing. And, again, they are only too eager to tell us, because it validates their own choices… their opinions… their soul choices.

So how do you know when something is truly your truth? The easiest way is to notice how it feels in your gut. Does it delight you? Does it feel like something awesome and new? Does the moment of its revelation send shivers down your spine?

If you’re saying yes, then YES! That’s it!

Your authentic truth, your soul’s purpose, is found through dialogue with your Higher Self—a dialogue that’s not always conducted consciously. For many, their Truth arrives in dreams. For others, it falls out of their mouths by “accident” while talking about “something else.” But there are ways of making the dialogue conscious, exercises you can do to develop your connection with your Higher Self. Much the way physical exercises performed again and again will strengthen your physical muscles, these spiritual practices will strengthen your ‘muscles’ for connecting with your Guidance.

Robbie’s MethodWhat does truth look like?

Here is a process I have been doing myself for years, and it has really helped me. I developed it when I came to understand that we are made up of several different “bodies”—physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual (or soul)—and that these bodies either work together in harmony, or against each other, at odds. After you do this exercise a few times, you will get an idea of what I am talking about.

I recommend practicing this simple process daily.

First, find a quiet place to either sit or stand for a few minutes. Then ask your physical body how it feels and what it needs … is it tired, rested, strong? Your physical body consists of your flesh and bones, muscles, organs, skin…you get the idea. So ask how the physical aspect of your total self is feeling at the moment, and wait a minute to hear an answer.

Next, ask to get in touch with your emotional body. I usually start by putting my attention in the heart area. Ask yourself how you’re feeling “emotionally” at the moment. Are you happy, sad, neutral, anxious…? Ask your emotional aspect what it needs, whether it has anything to say to you, and wait a minute to hear an answer.

Next you will ask to get a reading from your mental body: your mind and nervous system. Notice whether your mind working quickly today or if it’s a bit fuzzy. Ask how the mental aspect of your total self is feeling, whether it needs anything or has anything to say… and wait a minute for an answer.

Finally, ask your Higher Self, or soul body, to become fully engaged with the other three bodies and ask to bring all aspects (bodies) into alignment with each other. Dwell in this for a time. Don’t hurry, just allow… I usually feel a deep sense of relaxation at this stage.

With all aspects of your Self engaged and in alignment, you can trust what you are thinking and feeling. You can trust your inner voice. It may take a few days of practice with this process to identify your different bodies, and that is just fine. Simply ask…. Listen…. and then move on to the next step, even if you don’t hear anything.

There Are No Wrong Answers

It’s true, you may not hear an answer. Or what you do hear (glimpse, feel or in any other way sense) may not seem like an answer at all. Indeed, it may raise further questions. Be at peace! Just keep up the practice. Your Truth will be revealed in time.

The reason to recognize and honor each of the different bodies is really simple. We know that if we are emotionally upset, we might make bad decisions mentally. We know that if we are physically tired, we may snap at someone emotionally.

When you are making your way in the world, all “bodies,” all aspects of Self, are involved in the process, and if even one is out of whack, it will affect your decision-making process.

In matters of Soul’s Purpose, none but your Higher Self is your best councilor. Not your mom, not your mate, not your best friend for life! It may take practice to learn to trust in the wisdom of your Higher Self to guide you to your Authentic Truth, but it is so worth the effort. There are many “roads to Rome,” and I humbly present this as just one of them. If it leads you to Self discovery—without your having to pass through the Valley of the Opinions of Doubters—then my work here is done.

Namasté and blessed be.


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