Kryon Mega Event 2015










Join Marilyn and many other amazing channels and gathering for this annual event in Sedona. Watch the video below to get a sense for what to expect. We would love to see you there!









Marilyn will be presenting a workshop called Channel Within.


One thought on “Kryon Mega Event 2015

  1. Nicole Pelchat says:

    Good day Marilyn
    I was at Sédona where I had the great pleasure to met you and Adironda.
    I bough a stone white sword. Now I will like to have more information about the way the sword is made : who made it? Stone used? What is include in the handle and the way you suggest me to use it!
    You told me to contact you by e-mail to receive those infos !
    Again thank you for your presence in my life….and Give me more!!!!
    Love and blessings
    Nicole Pelchat

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