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In 2015, Marilyn was invited to be a member of the “Kryon family” with Lee Carroll. She was honored! She gladly accepted and now travels the globe with the Kryon team to hold workshops and present the messages of Adironnda about 30 times per year.

These events take place all over the world and the best way to find out when Marilyn and Adironnda will be featured is to get on our mailing list.

Marilyn has been featured in Phoenix, Sarasota, Houston, Miami, Dallas, Grand Rapids, Sacramento, Mt. Shasta, St. Louis, Egypt, Tel Aviv, Bath, Sedona, Israel, and the list goes on! Kryon events are wonderful weekend gatherings, like a reunion with your soul family, that we are very honored to be a part of. You can also learn more about Kryon events here.


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  1. Nick Stackhouse says:

    Good morning Marilyn;)
    Just wanted to say I’ve never connected to a recording quite the way I have today. Kryon of course has and hence the reacontent://media/external/file/2427 I’m here, but just wanted to say thank you for the compassion and understanding that you bring to this world. Oneness

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