Language of Light in Art

Language of Light in Art

Shifting Energy

Hello! I am going to talk about something so amazing it shifted the energy in my home. Now, there’s a lot of things that shift the energy of my house. When people come into my home, my intention is to have it feel like a sanctuary, and they say, “Ah, I love coming into your home. I love just being in the energy of it”. That’s kind of what I’ve created now; it works most of the time.

Now, I have a new belonging. I have it hanging behind me, Mariana De la Vega from Mexico made for me. And It is such an amazing work of art. Mariana is a channel, and she is in our Channeler’s Academy course; she’s been channeling long before joining the course. She’s been channeling language of light, and she wanted to know what the language of light meant, so she joined Channeler’s Academy.

Magnificent Beauty Within

She made a beautiful piece of art for me, the logo of Adironnda. And it’s very specifically designed. Adironnda had input from a graphic artist who designed the original logo; it has 17 rays around the heart, representing the 17th dimension from where Adironnda is from. Our Radiant Heart Pendants have the same design; it has a split in each ray, and then they’re connected at the core, joined at the heart to remind you that you and your higher self are always connected at your core.

There are no sharp points on the heart to remind you to take the sharp edge off of love. It is an open heart to remind you always to keep your heart open. It is reflective in the Radiant Heart Pendant. It’s reflective to remind you that you are a reflection of all you encounter. The energy around this painting from Mariana is of the cosmos, which is perfect for Adironnda and us. You see that language of light in the painting.

It is so powerful inside of the heart and in each ray. There are symbols underneath the rays with different writings, textures, beams of light, solar systems, stars, and galaxies or extraterrestrials with a lot of energy. It’s so amazing! Take a deep breath. The interesting thing is that the picture alone without the language of light is still every bit as beautiful. But when you look more closely, it’s kind of like life. When you look more closely at life, it gets a magnificent beauty within it. What is that beauty that’s within you?

Speaking into Your Heart

I would like you to make a list of all of your good qualities. Don’t be shy; you can even list them out on our Adironnda Family of Love Facebook Group. Mariana De la Vega, who created the painting, knew it was beautiful. She knew it was magnificent when she created it, and she wasn’t bragging about it. She just said it’s really powerful. Well, when I got it unwrapped, I could feel the energy of this painting throughout my whole house. Granted, I’m a little sensitive to energy, and that’s kind of my job, but it shifted things in my entire home, for this language of light speaks directly to the heart.

You’re asking, and your brain is saying, well, what does that language of light say? Who is speaking directly to your heart? And your heart goes immediately into your brain, which comes through your ears. You don’t have to physically hear it with your ears because you hear it with your heart. Isn’t that cool? Life just gets cooler and cooler, and I wanted to share that with you. So breathe into that, understand that language of light, whether you can see it closely or not, is speaking into your heart. I love you all, Namaste y’all, Namaste.

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