Laugh for No Reason



I am traveling with Joeaux right, now.

See Joeaux.

I would really like to share some of the insights that we’ve had on our road trip journey, mostly that people all over the planet are really wonderful.

We love people and we love ourselves.

But what we have discovered is that many times our humor comes at the expense of someone else. And it is really funny to poke fun at Joeaux and me, to make fun of the way we travel, or the way we do things, anything else, but in actuality, that creates a little “nick on our soul”.

Life is pretty funny by itself.

So what we would like you to think about this week, is to think of your humor, to be funny in the world without poking fun at the world. Not objectifying others at their expense just so you can have a good laugh. Instead, think of how entertaining life just is…

Now, I know that in the old program, in the U.S., “America’s Funniest Home Videos,” many times they were about people getting hurt. You know, that is not really funny.

Instead, think of what it is like to just get up and laugh.

You know the other day we finished an event, and Joeaux and I, we sat in the car and we both felt this emotional release. Joeaux said, “I don’t understand what it is, I just feel like crying.” And then she started the waterworks. And of course no one cries alone around me, so I started the waterworks. And then we ended up laughing in the car because here we were sitting in the car, both of us, crying for no reason because we were happy.

And that visual image is not at our expense. It is about awakening to your own joy. And that is what our message is this week. Awakening to your joy and finding laughter, not at your expense, or someone else’s expense, but finding the joy within all things.

Right Joeaux?

Joeaux: Right. I can’t believe you told them that story.

Marilyn: I did tell them that story. Have a great week.

Namastè Y’all!