Learning About Patience

Learning About Patience

Call to Marilyn- Part Two

Joeaux: Hi, I’m Joeaux Robey, and I am here today covering for Marilyn. She’s still out in the hospital and recovering from surgery, but she wanted to talk to you today, so I have a very special treat. Let’s get Marilyn on the phone; she wants to talk to you about the word patience because she’s really learned a lot about that word in the past couple of weeks. So let’s get her on the phone real quick. And there we go. It’s ringing.

Marilyn: Hello, this is Marilyn.

Joeaux: Good morning, goddess.

Marilyn: Good morning, goddess.

Joeaux: How are you doing?

Marilyn: I’m doing good.

Joeaux: Awesome. Well, I have you here on The Weekly Message, and our listeners are excited to hear from you. And I told them a bit of what we wanted to talk about.

I mentioned that it had to do with the word patience. And you know there are two ways to spell patience, right? And they mean different things, but they sound the same.

Marilyn: That’s correct.

Joeaux: And you’re both.

Marilyn: I’m a patient, and I am patient, learning patience.

Joeaux: Yes.

Pushing the Energy

Marilyn: It’s so fascinating. I’ve talked to very few people, and those that I have spoken with have said, “Well, what is all this about? What’s the message? All of that, and what are you here for, Adironnda?”

It’s like, “No, it doesn’t really work that way.” But what I’m seeing is that I’m really learning as a patient to be very patient and to be very present through all this. When I first came out of surgery, I wanted to get out of the hospital right then, and I was on a ventilator.

I know that the very term of ventilator probably scares the peewadden out of people. It did me, and so I wanted it out. I couldn’t speak to the doctors because you can’t talk when you’re on a ventilator.

I was just really pushing the energy for them to take it out, and they obliged. The doctors took it out, and it was too soon. So that set me back a couple of days because they had to put it back in.

That’s when I learned just to be very present with what’s happening with your bodily functions. I’m here in one of the best hospitals in the country with more pulmonary hypertension specialists than any other country. I mean, the diagnosis of pulmonary hypertension is better than it was when I came in.

Joeaux: Wow. That’s awesome.

Being Present

Marilyn: I know. My blood pressure has leveled out, and it all shifted after they put the ventilator back in. I just decided that I’m just going to be very present and very healing. I was talking to my heart and talking to my lungs, and loving them and just being present.

That’s where the patience comes in because they get me up to stand, which feels so good. I never thought standing would feel so good, but it did, and then they said, “Okay, so now march in place.” I thought, “Okay, no big deal.” And as I marched in place at the speed that I usually would, I got a little off-balance, and I thought, “Where is Sekhmet with those Selenite Swords?”

But obviously, I was not out of my body, and I was not channeling. But what I discovered was that when I focused, then I could maintain my balance. That’s what happens when Sekhmet comes in, and I completely step aside, and Sekhmet focuses the energy, not pushing the energy, just focusing the energy.

I’ve been practicing focusing the energy when I move around, which makes a huge difference. That’s where patience comes in, and that patience is about letting your natural body rhythm take charge, and that’s what I’ve been practicing.

Joeaux: I also noticed that when I sat with you in the hospital, you could actually move the numbers when you concentrated on your heart rate and were very present with it.

When we knew the numbers were a little out of the range that the doctors liked to see them in, I realized that you would just hold your heart, and then you must have been speaking in your mind to it, and then the numbers would shift.

Marilyn: Right. And that’s where in Holographic Healing, I get the opportunity to work with the healers because the diagnoses of pulmonary hypertension are so unusual; I mean, it is not a common thing at all. And so they don’t know quite how to treat it.

So, for the Holographic Healers, you can’t just say, “Okay, go in and work in the heart and going to work on the lungs,” because it’s something very specific, and I’m learning that. I’m learning that soficity.

Joeaux: Wow.

Setting the Intention

Marilyn: That’s what I was doing with my intention, shifting the numbers to allow my heart to relax and allow the lungs to accept the air from my heart. I was diagnosed a tricuspid valve regurgitation, which in most instances is not a good thing. In this instance, it is a good thing simply because it allows them to measure the pressure on my heart without an invasive procedure.

Joeaux: Wow.

Marilyn: So we discovered that. How cool is that?

Joeaux: Yeah. Was that the tube that was going into the center of your heart?

Marilyn: Right. At one point in my heart rebelled and said, “Okay, you have to take this out. This is not going to work any longer.” And it actually refused to let them put one back in. And then they said, “Well, let’s try measuring it with an echocardiogram,” which is not invasive.

So that’s the way that they’ve been doing it. And that’s where the numbers showed up better. And so now that’s how they do it. So I don’t know if that’s a common thing, but I don’t think so. I think that was maybe a newer discovery that they can count on that kind of a heart measurement.

Joeaux: Wouldn’t it be amazing if, when you come out, your stats are even better than before? I mean, obviously, they’re going to be better than when you came out of surgery, but I’m talking about the week before you broke your arm.

Marilyn: I think that is my intention, that my stats are better than they were in 2015. I remembered in 2016, when I had surgery on my knee; my meniscus disc was torn. I reached a dangerous point while I was under the anesthesia then, and I’d forgotten all about it. So I am focusing on my heart being better than it was since 2015.

Joeaux: Well, I love this idea of you learning patience.

Marilyn: I know you do love the idea of me learning patience, but in actuality, you’re learning patience as well.

Joeaux: Yes, I am. I actually, I’m a planner, and I like to keep enough space in front of all of our events to get the proper marketing out and everything, which has been challenging because I’ve had people contact me. They want to know what’s going on because, of course, they have to plan their lives as well, right?

Marilyn: Right.

One Day at a Time

Joeaux: I had to learn just to say, “I’m not going to make that decision today, but I might make it tomorrow, so contact me tomorrow,” and just really learn to take everything one day at a time.

Marilyn: That’s really the key with patience is to be present with where you are, right here, right now, and be grateful for every single tiny improvement.

Joeaux: Absolutely. Well, thank you for talking to us today, Marilyn. I know I should let people know that this is coming from ICU. I mean, that’s our Marilyn; she wants to be on stage wherever she is. Marilyn doesn’t want you to see her, though; she just wants you to hear it.

Marilyn: That’s our Marilyn too to weave away from the subject of patience and weave back into it.

Joeaux: Yeah. And it’s all good. All of the news coming from the doctors is good. I don’t want our audience to worry about you. You are making progress every day, and you’re going to the regular hospital tomorrow.

Marilyn: Absolutely. I’m so excited.

Joeaux: So by the time people see this video, you’ll probably be out.

Marilyn: I’ll probably be out of the hospital and on my way back to Missouri.

Joeaux: Of course, I think I said that on the last we did this before you went into surgery, so. But I’m confident that you’ll be out by the time people are watching this video.

Marilyn: Yes, I will be.

Joeaux: All right. Well, thank you so much, Marilyn, for taking my call.

Marilyn: You’re welcome. Thank you.

Joeaux: And I love you, and I will see you later.

Marilyn: I love you too. I love all y’all.

Joeaux: All right. Bye-bye.

Marilyn: Namaste, y’all.

Joeaux: Namaste.

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