Let It Be Easy

let it be easy

A New Song

At one of our last Plurkshops, we brought in a new song. It was Divinely directed by Adironnda of course, and it was called “Let it Be Easy.”

And it was so wonderful! That’s really about this week’s weekly message. Just let it be simple.

Avoid Over Complication

You know, we make things harder if we choose to. We make things much more complicated if we choose to. So just “Stop it!” as Adironnda would say.

Keep it Simple

It’s about acknowledging that sometimes we get the opportunity to do some things that may not be comfortable.

Or we may get tired…we may do this. The more we push against that energy, the more difficult it becomes. So instead, just let it be easy.

Just Let it Flow

And just relax into it and see how that Divine flow comes through with ease and grace.

What do you have a tendency to over complicate? Which areas of your life do you need more simplicity? Share your thoughts in the comments below. We love to hear your feedback.

Namaste y’all, namaste.


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