Let’s Talk Woo-Woo, Shall We?

It’s all fun and games until you actually start seeing energy… then, it’s just cool!

– – Join the conversation next week: MON. JAN 21 – THURS. JAN. 24, 6PM Pacific – –

We’ve made some NEW friends and can’t wait to introduce them to you on our 1st webinar series of the year! Join us for a little mystical, a little practical, a slightly scientific kind-of discussion that will make you go… hmmmmmm!

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    • Marilyn Harper & Joeaux Robey, Hosts of the Walk-in Phenomenon
    • Peggy Phoenix Dubro, cofounder of the EMF Balancing Technique
    • Catherine Ann Clemett, co-author of Anna, Grandmother of Jesus
    • Michelle Karen, author of “Astrology for Enlightenment”

(It’s Free!)

  • MON – Peggy Phoenix Dubro, Co-founder of the Energy Extension and the EMF Balancing Technique will discuss “Integration and Celebration.”
  • TUES – Catherine Ann Clemett, healer, facilitator, and co-author of multiple books that extend the Bible, will discuss “Are You a Magdelene Walk-in?”
  • WED – Michelle Karen, astrologer, shaman, actress, author, will talk about “2013, What’s Next?”
  • THURS– Marilyn Harper and Joeaux Robey, co-creators of this webinar series, will bring in Adironnda for a Joeaux-ful Q&A about woo-woo.

The webinar instructions will be sent to you upon registration. We’ll see you online!
Blessings in light, love, and laughter always,

Your Hosts, Marilyn Harper & Joeaux Robey

CoCreators, Adironnda & Companyy

PS. If you are already registered for our Walk-in Phenomenon Webinar series, the webinar instructions should have already been sent to you : )

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