Leverage Your Akash

Leverage Your Akash

According to Kryon the Human Akash can be defined as that which represents all the energy of your past expressions (past lives) on Earth. It is often referred to as “The Akashic Record.” Your personal Akash is stored in several places, the most important place being your own DNA. (Also see Cave of Creation.) It is a profound energy that is generated with each Human lifetime and contains the details of every unique life expression you have had (past lives). The Akash also represents the future – the potentials of everything that can be – your unrealized future potential expressions on the planet (future lives).

The Leverage Your Akash Experience

Viewing your Akashic Records can be very helpful in understanding and releasing past events that may be blocking you, and can also activate powerful experiences of past successes that can actually accelerate you. This experience can help you to release chronic, physical, and emotional pain that is keeping you small and distracted from your true purpose, in this life. During the class, Marilyn (and Adironnda) guides you through an Akashic Records meditation. Afterwards, the collective will share the experience and Adironnda will provide insight.

According to Michael Brown, The Presence Process, people just keep repeating the same patterns over and over until they shift what DOESN’T work. During this two hour workshop, Marilyn (and Adironnda) teach how to go into the record-keeper, the Akash and bring forth your Divine Essence, your purpose that can shape your life on this planet. You will pull forth those experiences that might still be blocking you, you will release, heal, or integrate them. THEN you will go into your Akashic Records finding the experiences that are SUPPORTING you with your best qualities, your loves and your joy. You will then learn how to magnify those positive qualities for a happier, joy-filled life.

Attend a Leverage Your Akash Class

Marilyn and Joeaux (along with Adironnda) conduct Leverage Your Akash classes at many of the Kryon events, usually on Sunday evenings. To see where and when the next Akash class will be held, please see our printable calendar and Events List.


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One thought on “Leverage Your Akash

  1. Kathy Bennett says:

    I was fortunate to experience your wonderful energy last month in Miami. I took all the events for the entire weekend and was there for the Akashic Readings. It was wonderful and AMAZING!!!

    2 questions, Marilyn had said, I believe that we could find the meditation- method to get into the Akash on this website. I was wondering if you could help me with this as I forgot the method she preferred.

    Also, I was wondering if you could help me find someone. I am not sure if he was part of your team. His name was Daniel. We were paired for the final readings of each other. I had to leave early in the middle of your channeling to catch our train back to Jupiter. He was SO KIND and gifted me one of YOUR SWORDS!!! I was so blown away and I have no way of getting a hold of him to thank him. It seemed like he worked behind the scenes with your group. He is a massage therapist. Nice smile, no hair, good loving personality about 5’7? Hopefully you’ll know him so I could properly THANK him.

    The Sword has been incredible, I have used it in the most unusual ways and my clients and friends have felt the increase in its Energy. It is AWESOME and is an AMAZING Compliment to Dr. Amber’s cards!!! It has been really HUGE in the vibration, messages and activation’s!!!

    Thank you so much for ALL that ALL of you do!
    Thank you for your help ,

    Kathy Bennett

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