Life-Changing Principle

Empowerment and Realization

When talking about your metaphysical, spiritual niche that you’ve been studying. Using your intuition, I would like to know from you which one, most important principle has changed your life the most radically? And put you on a path of empowerment and realization that you are here for a reason. You are here to pursue being the best person you could be. And I know that I’m talking to you because you wouldn’t be listening, you wouldn’t be on my page, if you weren’t interested. I mean, the word Soulopreneur is all about pursuing your passion and your purpose.

100% Responsibility

The one thing for me was 100% responsibility. I learned a couple of years ago, when I read a book that a very dear friend of ours, Karen Buchanan, gave us. Karen would travel with us, and she would volunteer on her own time. She believed so much in our work, and yet at the same time, Marilyn and I, my business partner, were struggling with certain things. We realized the way you get on this spiritual path is you start studying it. And when you study it, you teach what you want to learn most.

Success Principle

The book Karen had given us was Success Principles by Jack Canfield. Marilyn and I picked it up, and we started reading one chapter a day. That’s how it’s written. It’s super easy short three to five-page chapters with just one principle. Jack found one main success principle after studying many, many people that had been successful. I highly recommended it. The page about 100% responsibility resonated so much with me. You see, Jack met a gentleman named Napoleon Hill, and he was a big giant guru in his respected niche. Hill’s said to Jack, “My one main success principle would have to be when I was complaining to my guru, and my guru’s response was, your life will NOT change until you take 100% responsibility for everything that happens.”

Choose Your Reaction

It’s easy to say, “I take 100% responsibility.” I think it’s more like 125 or 150% responsibility. What I started learning on my spiritual path, is that even the bad stuff doesn’t happen to you it, happens for you. It happened for you to stop, take a deep breath, and choose how you wanted to respond. Maybe in the past, you would react right away. You would dislike something that happened, and you have this knee jerk reaction, which was me. I was very reactive, very reactionary. Then I started learning that those were such substantial growth opportunities. Even when you do react, and afterwards you think, “Wow, I really could’ve handled that a little bit differently.” Which still happens to me.

Make It Right

You always have the opportunity to make it right. You still have the chance to take a deep breath, go back to whatever the situation is, and make it right, or as Adironnda says,”There’s no such thing as failure, failure is just an F word, it’s another F-word for feedback, good feedback.” I love that.

Immense Lesson

So, I would say that the one principle that has affected my life personally the most, was taking 100% responsibility for everything, or even 150% responsibility. Seeing how my reaction may have had a domino effect on things, not just me, but on other people. Realizing that there was an immense lesson in whatever happened, embracing the teaching, and moving forward without letting it sabotage you, which we will often do subconsciously—allowing it to sabotage us.

Most Important Principle

So that’s the question I want to post to you right now. So far, in your life, on this journey, what is the one most important principle that you’ve incorporated and embrace into your life? The principle that has become part of who you are and has shifted things the absolute most. Leave a comment below. Let us know so we can see where people are coming from, it will be fascinating to see how many people have the same principle or if there’s a wide variety.

I thank you now, and I am grateful to you. Gratitude is the abracadabra of the Universe. All right, onto this beautiful day.


We love hearing your feedback and reading your comments! What is the one most important principle that you’ve incorporated and embrace into your life? Be sure to leave us your thoughts below.


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