Life Connections and Synchronicities

Life Connections

Hello! I am still in the Chicago O’Hare Airport, not that I’ve been there for a week or two, but I may have been flying in and out, but I’m actually recording this in the same setting as I did last week’s message. Y’know, being in an airport is SO phenomenal.

Make Your Connection

When you think of all of the combinations of things and people and places and connections that have to get going in the right direction, in the right amount of time, it is like, the most amazing jigsaw puzzle in the world, in the universe, in the galaxy, for all that matters, and then when you look at these planes that are big hunks of metal, how can they go fast enough without brushing your face all back… to be airborne with 50 to 100 pounds of luggage, 100 to 200 pounds of person in each seat, how does that all happen? I know that there’s a scientific reason for it, but it’s still just phenomenal to think about all of the combinations of things that are going on.

Is Your Life Synchronistic?

It’s kind of like our life. When we think of all of the synchronicities in our life that led up to this moment in time, that led up to that activity in that energy, it’s also phenomenal, it’s like all the connections in an airport. Y’know, this person had to connect with that flight, and that flight had to connect with this flight, and then the airplane gets late…it’s amazing that more are not late. Oh…don’t even say that! Don’t even go there. But, it’s kind of like your life.

Scenic Route

Y’know, you are always going to get where you’re going; you’re always going to get to that energy where you’re experiencing the focus of that energy. And, your destiny awaits you, you can’t miss your destiny. You can only take the scenic route or the direct route. Most people want to take the direct route. However with the scenic route, which is what I’ve been on, you actually get to learn a lot more in the most fascinating ways, so understand that this…every time you go into an airport which, if you’re like me, you’re in an airport every weekend, which is great.

Let’s Make Some Connections and Synchronicities

Just think of all the puzzle pieces that had to fit together to accommodate you getting on whatever plane, train, bus, automobile that you got on to make your connection in life. That’s really what it’s all about…is making your connection in life, so, let’s make some connections, creating synchronicities. One of our plurkshops is coming all over the country, actually, and in Canada, and what we do is, we help you be aware of making those connections, and then we help you activate the connection force within your own brain and heart so you can live in that divine synchronicity all the time. Pretty cool. Oh–they may be calling my flight! Namaste, y’all, namaste.
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