Life-Saving Device

Life-Saving Device

Life-Saving Smart Watch

Hello, it is so nice to be here with you today. I would like to share with you a little story about my life-saving device. When I do videos, many people say, “Why are you wearing that big watch? It’s an Apple Watch, which is nice, but it’s so distracting. It’s so big can’t you wear something a little smaller or sparkly.

Several months ago, I had kind of a crash between my body and the giant trash dumpster. And my smartwatch called 911. While Joeaux, myself, and a friend of ours were still saying, “What happened? Are you okay? Where are we?” My smartwatch said, “We have detected a fall. If we do not hear from you within 10 seconds, we will call 911.” And my smartwatch called 911. The ambulance was there in three minutes, which was even before we had figured out where we were. That is my life-saving device.

Positive Influence

We have a lot of life-saving devices in our world. My parents were life-saving devices for me; they have passed over on the other side. They are so wonderful, and they taught me so much about people. They have given me life-saving messages, how to get really still, how to acknowledge other people, how to share the energy with people, how to share my things with people. That could be a life-saving device.

I want to ask you, what kind of life-saving devices do you have in your world? I count Joeaux, my business partner and best friend, as one of my life-saving devices because she came into our business when I was quitting. I’m like, “I’m working way too hard and not getting me anywhere. I’ve made the same $10,000 for the last three years.” And it wasn’t working.

She came in, and we both worked all the time and did everything we now have a wonderful team doing. So in that capacity, she was a life-saving device for me. What was the life-saving device for you? What was the turning point in your world where something outside of yourself positively influenced you and affected how you lived your life from that point forward? Okay? Is that too complicated of a question? It’s a little complicated, I know.

Transforming Mission

So my life-saving device was my Apple Watch. It positively influenced me because it called 911 when we didn’t know where we were, and I got to the hospital much sooner. What was your life-saving device? I’d like you to think about it and look around in your world this week and think about your own life-saving devices, your life-saving moments, your energies that connect with your movement in the world. Because of my life-saving device, I’m here now, and my mission is transforming.

So how is your mission transforming? How is your world-transforming because of your life-saving device? I would love for you to leave a comment on our Adironnda Family of Love Facebook Group? Okay, that’s it—Namaste y’ all.

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