Light Code 101

Light Codes 101

Energies From the Light

Well, hello there; I hope you’re having a fabulous week. I just wanted to talk a little bit about light codes. I’ve had someone ask me recently, what are light codes? I’m like, I’m not really sure. Then they asked Adironnda, and of course, Adironnda knew exactly what light codes were.

Even though I did not, which is interesting, I have an idea. This is kind of what Adironnda communicated. Light codes are emissions of symbols, sounds, music, and visions that are encoded with certain energies from the light. There are light code bearers. They bring in that information.

I write down some galactic language every once in a while. Another example of light codes is something Mariana De la Vega sent me when I was in the hospital a year ago for my heart. It has all kinds of symbols and light codes on it. Light codes are transmissions of energy in some format, be they physical that your eyes can look at and see like this.

Light Code Bearers

It can be music Randy Luna, our musician for The Double Digits includes these light codes in all of our CDs. He encodes with his Reiki master energy and the energy of his guidance system into each musical note that he plays. Each musical note is indeed a light code. Likewise, a painter or an artist will encode their energy, or the light, into that frequency; now, there are light code bearers.

I would say Mariana De la Vega is a light code bearer. Randy Luna is a light code bearer. It is someone that carries the light into this dimension and expands it out into the galaxies. That’s my take on it. As I sit in the background and listen to Adironnda, it may not be exactly the way you see it.

Adironnda always sees things just a little differently than some others. As you understand light codes, if you feel the need, energy, or feeling of just doodling around and suddenly realize you’re doodling the same thing, that could be a light code.

I was told to write a language when I first started channeling and to put it by my bed at night and allow the galaxies to communicate with me as to where I was from. How interesting is that? Just a thought, that’s my take on Light Code 101.

Have a great week. Namaste, y’all, Namaste.


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  1. DüGG Doll says:

    You always bring a smile to my face and an interesting and new ( to me ) message, as i Plurk my way thru lifes journey

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