Little Altars Everywhere

little alters everywhere

Little Altars Everywhere

Hello, this is Marilyn Harper. And this is one of the altars I have set up in my home. It’s very simple. And this message is about setting up little altars everywhere.

Years and years and years ago, I read a book called Little Altars Everywhere. I really loved the name of that (even though I don’t think the book really had anything to do with altars, or setting anything like that up).

But I set about trying to set up little altars in whatever room I was in. This is one of my little altars.

Elements of My Altar

Here is a carving by Armor Hootz, the elephant trainer that helps with the rescue park, the Elephant Nature Park in Thailand.

This is a statue an elephant and three baby elephants that I got in 2001 and I’ve had it ever since. I just love it!

This, of course, is the happy Buddha, which is actually the Chinese Buddha, that is the semblance of joy. And I’ve had that since I was 18 years old. I didn’t really know what that meant, I just really liked the image of it. And it does symbolize joy. They say if you rub his tummy, that you get to acknowledge the joy that is in your life.

Here’s a selenite (a powerful crystal) that is magnifying that joy.

These two elephants, they represent friendship. They are two elephants that knew each other when they were babies maybe, and when they came together at the Elephant Rescue Park, they became best friends…even though they were both loners before that.

This statue is from Crestone, Colorado, this is Quan Yin (the Goddess of Compassion and Mercy) and this is a matching Quan Yin in a different stone.

And this cloth is from Crestone, Colorado as well…but for a little altar, you can use that anywhere.

This is an apophyllite crystal (a stone of healing light and pure joy) and a little box. We gave away these at one of our retreats.

Altar Symbolism

This is an altar that to me symbolizes friendship, joy and family love. And that’s what I am magnifying with that. The Quan Yins represent compassion.

For this weekly message, just look around your home and see your belongings. And if you want, you are more than welcome to send pictures. I think you may be able to attach the pictures underneath here. If not, go on our Facebook page, Adironnda-Marilyn Harper: Everything is Possible… and post your pictures of your little altar.

Let us admire them, love them and maybe get some ideas for our little altars.

Namaste y’all, have a nice day!

We love hearing your feedback and reading your comments! Be sure to leave us your thoughts below…and post your alter pic.


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  1. Peg says:

    I love the intention of altars- to welcome us to shift from 4D to the numinous! Calming, inspiring, creative…✨

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