Healing and Loving the Earth

Loving the Earth

Marilyn Harper shares her earth-like sphere that sits on her desk so that you can imagine holding the earth between your hands. This 3-minute-ish video was created to send healing energy to the earth… just watching it makes YOU a part of this beautiful process.

Shall we? Let’s watch the video… : )

Loving the Earth Together

Dearest ones,

Do you see this?

I’ve had this sphere for I don’t know how long. It reminds me of the Earth. Doesn’t it look like when you see pictures from space of the Earth?

So I have this on my desk and it sits on a crystal. That was pretty scary, wasn’t it? It sits on a crystal on my desk, and as it does, I just send the Earth energy. I send the earth that focus.

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First, Imagine the Earth is in Between Your Hands

Let’s put this earth right in between our hands. I don’t know if I can do this. Ah, there you go.

Let’s put the Earth right in between our hands and I want you to just visualize that the Earth is between your hands.

Your hands are big, aren’t they?

And let’s just send the Earth healing energy. Send to the Earth love. Feel the people of this Earth experiencing the love that you are sending right now. You are that love frequency as well.

What would it really feel like in your heart to have all of the people of this planet feel that love that you are sending out right now?

Feels pretty good, doesn’t it?

Try that everyday!


Marilyn & Adironnda

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