Magnificent Sunset

Magnificent Sunset

There is just something about sunsets and sunrises that make such a huge difference.

You never know what’s exactly going to happen next. We are outside the Ocean Isle Beach cabin; the water is so still.

Yesterday, it was so windy that it nearly blew Joeaux over, and the water was like…it had white caps just from the wind, and now look at how smooth it is. You can see the reflection of the sunset. You know, it is just so amazing.

The sky, I don’t know how people can say, there is no God. I mean, I know we create everything in our life and somehow, I’m creating this magnificent sunset. The clouds and the sky, the jet tracer, where the jet has gone through. There is another jet somewhere up there, I don’t know if you can see it. It’s just the colors of the sunset are truly magnificent.

Sometimes you do get to sit, clear your mind, and just be in nature, or cough in nature, if that is what you would prefer, and enjoy it.

Namaste y’all,


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3 thoughts on “Magnificent Sunset

  1. Kiran Mae says:

    Ahhh Marilyn, you know you have my Sister’s name? Your anwer! This was my answer to yesterday. Thank you so much for being there with me and all the People that were effected by 1st of May first rains and workers day.

  2. Eliane Viner says:

    Thanks for this scene – we used to spend two weeks every summer on Ocean Isle, NC, and I miss the ocean. It’s very pretty here in Colorado but we are short of ocean front.
    Eliane Viner

  3. Susan Adams says:

    Oh Marilyn and Joeaux! Thank you for this chance to share in the beautiful sunset! Of course, I’m curious where you are. …..South Carolina?
    I also want to thank you for that hilarious Birthday Card that you sent me. Made it all the way up here to Canada with my name, street address, apt. number, town and Postal Code… “Canada”…….gotta hand it to the USPS for knowing what the postal code meant! 🙂 They do a great job! The card made me laugh out loud so hard! 🙂 haha still laughing!! Those fancy glasses and Marilyn, your long locks……totally hilarious!! I was so surprised that I’d get a birthday card from you! WOW!!
    Looking forward to the next double digit….for May! With Love and Gratitude for keeping us on track!

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