The Majesty and Magic of Mount Shasta

By Marilyn Harper

I have always wondered what the draw was about Mount Shasta. I’ve had many friends who’ve gone to the mountain for various events — Wesak in May, 1/1 celebrations, Inner Life conferences, and a host of other gatherings — and they always talked about the magic of Mount Shasta. Last year, Joeaux and I were directed to move our Walk-Ins Welcome Conference there (and to change the name to Visionaries in Light). I dutifully followed directions, although I have to say, there are more convenient places to have a conference than Mount Shasta.

I mean, you have to take a plane, a boat, a helicopter almost to get to Mount Shasta. I have been to the city of Mount Shasta a few times and even up on the mountain a bit — that was in 2004 — and, as I say, I wondered what all the fuss was about.

Well, the times, they are a’changin’.

magic of mount shasta - spaceship-shaped clouds

This spring, after spending nearly two weeks with the Great Mountain — there, as a vendor, for Lee Carroll’s Kryon Summer Light Conference and Dr. Todd’s Lemurian Choir Conference at the College of the Siskiyous in nearby Weed, CA, and for a Summer Solstice celebration up on the mountain itself — I must say I have a new respect for the magic of Mount Shasta, for her heart-centered energy and the direction she provides for those who are within her radius.

I say, “her.” I know that the Great Mount Shasta provides the perfect balance of the masculine and feminine energies, but at this moment, I am using her feminine aspect to share with you. This may become clearer as I tell of just one experience, among many, that I had in the shadow of this sacred mountain.

If you’ve been following our Facebook page, you know that Adironnda and the Council have directed me to drive a motor home around the country, and that this motor home chose the name Atlas. (It’s another story, of course, but I kept trying to look for another name, but Atlas just kept saying Atlas. So… I ride on his shoulders, I guess!)

So there we were, Atlas and I, staying at the HiLo RV/Motel/Café in the tiny community of Weed, just minutes from Mount Shasta City. All the comforts of home nestled in the quiet and solitude of Shasta Valley.

Quiet, that is, until the Camper People moved in next door. Into the space next to mine came a tiny camper, smaller than my wonderful Atlas, and out popped a young boy (maybe 10 or 12), a giant dog, a mom and a dad, and a wild assortment of furniture. I mean, lots and lots of furniture. Clothing… household items… stuff! I was expecting clowns to start popping out of their windows next. Since their camper was clearly not up to the task of containing all they’d brought along, my new neighbors pitched a tent and spread out into what might have been my car spot, so everyone who came to me for private sessions scowled a bit and even expressed their concern for my safety.

I have to say, at first I was a bit disgruntled about their noise, well into the night, their shuffling things about. Also about their giant brown dog marking his territory on my tires, and their apparently very bored son poking around everything in the little RV park. I was sure to lock my doors and hide any valuables out of window site.

magic of mount shasta - atlas the rv

As their stuff multiplied, I am embarrassed to say, I wasn’t very friendly. Well, I was at first, but when I spoke even the cheeriest “Hi,” “Hello,” or “How are you,” they just looked at me with expressions filled with anxiety. Later, while up at the HiLo Motel front desk, paying for additional nights, I mentioned their behavior.

You know, Adironnda always says there are two sides to every story.

We truly must learn to approach everything first with Love and Compassion. I am still a bit red in the face from my slight irritation with the hotel clerk, when I described their stuff. The clerk was wonderful and quite concerned that the Camper People might have overstepped their boundaries. Yet she cared enough to explain that they had just lost their home and their jobs at the same time and were now trying to sort everything out.

Yes, there are two sides to every story.

I then went back to Atlas, sat and sent them healing energy, calm action and the energy of Divine Solutions. I made friends with the little boy, Jason, and the dog, Baloo (you know, as Jason explained, from The Jungle Book). From somewhere, a car showed up to take some of the family’s belongings, perhaps to sell at a swap meet. They seemed happy about that. The next day, they were wonderfully relaxed as they poked through their clothes, towels, and other belongings. They’d found a solution, they said, a free storage space in which to save their things, so they wouldn’t have to sell off everything that wouldn’t fit in the camper.

Adironnda always says there is a solution to everything.

Smiling, I sat in meditation and suddenly heard, “Take ‘Creation” and go outside. Look at the mountain.” So I took my remote JBL stereo box, turned on the CD “Creation” and went into the parking lot to get a better view of lovely Shasta.

The clouds were amazing! The ‘ships’ appeared — those nested, flying-saucer-shaped clouds that form with uncanny regularity around Mount Shasta — and, while I watched, lots of heart shapes showed up in the mountain’s rocks and snow patterns. I realized, standing there in the parking lot of the HiLo RV/Motel/Café, that I had tears streaming down my face. I stopped the music and just stood, open-hearted, for a few moments. Me and majestic Shasta, just radiating together from the heart of the mountain.

magic of mount shasta - karen drucker breathe

I went inside the RV, Atlas, and set about the mundane task of doing the dishes, marveling all the while at the energy the mountain shares with those who are around her. Marveling, too, about how I’d been placed next to the Camper People for a reason.

Suddenly, my stereo popped on — all by itself (or, at least, without any button-pushing by me!) — and my little home on wheels was instantly filled with the glorious sounds of Karen Drucker’s “(You are) The Face of God.” Not just for me, I figured; this divine message was for my rebounding neighbors, as well. I turned up the volume in hopes they could hear, and wept with joy.

The magic of Mount Shasta, indeed!

It is no accident we will be opening the heart of the mountain with our Visionaries in Light Convergence in October. Yes, Mount Shasta is off the beaten path. But amazing things happen within its powerful radius. Between now and conference time, I will write more about my awe-inspiring, powerful, and at times surprising experiences on and around that sacred mountain.

For now, let me entice you with these encouragements:

  • You actually can get there from here. A connecting flight to Redding Municipal Airport (airport code: RDD) will bring you to within 70 miles of Mt. Shasta, and you can rent a car or grab the Shasta Shuttle from there.
  • Road trip! We will be setting up a private Facebook page for conference registrants, so they (you?!) can arrange to carpool.
  • The view alone is worth the trip. Not once in my two weeks there did I see anyone pass the mountain by. Mount Shasta’s beauty and magnetism are such that people are compelled to stop and gaze upon her. Can’t help themselves! And why would they want to?
  • Magic is afoot! And what else is magic but the stirring of the energies? Where two or more are gathered, Adironnda tells us, the energies are multiplied by 144 times for each soul in attendance. So please! For the sake of the planet, of the people on the planet, and of the very heart of humanity, come to the Mountain.

The Visionaries in Light Convergence is set for Oct. 10-12, 2014 (with pre- and post-events on the 9th and 13th) at the College of the Siskiyous, in Weed, CA. Register early and save a hundred bucks! Click here and use Promo Code EARLYIN.




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