Make this Moment Count

You know, sometimes I just feel my transparency and my connection to love that I don’t… I want to take a hiatus from being seen.

Do you ever feel like that? Like, you know, you just want to be still for a while in your stillness. This is my journal that I’m working out of right now. And I love the title, it says, you know, “Make This Moment Count.”


What does that mean?

One of the things that I feel is that you want to make each moment count, make every moment count. And then I think, “What does that mean?” Make every moment count. It sounds like a big responsibility. However, I believe what it says to me, you know, I’ve been thinking this month about transparency, about what does it mean to be the love that you are. And I think what it means is that every single moment is a powerful, positive moment if we choose to accept that.

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Every single moment carries everything and every single moment carries nothing. And it depends on what your attachment is to that moment as to whether it is important, whether it is life-changing. Every moment has the potential to shift the consciousness of your life. You know, the moment when… Maybe you had an auto crash. The moment when you realize that your relationship that you’re in is not what you thought it was. The moment that you realize that you’re an adult. The moment that you realize that, you know, the moment. So, this week, let’s see if we can be aware of the moments within the moments, the moments within and be relatively unattached to them.

Email me or share it on the comments below. Let me know how that’s going for you, to detach from this moment but be aware that this moment does count. Keep me posted.

Namaste y’all,



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One thought on “Make this Moment Count

  1. Mary Serdar says:

    Marilyn, I think it means be fully present to yourself and others at every opportunity. Being present means your feet are in the ground where you are and your mind is right there in the moment. Every moment is fully lived with awareness of your divine energy and acknowledging the divine in those you are interacting with or the plants and animals that surround you.

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