Making It All Up

Making It All UP

It All Starts Somewhere

Today, I just wanted to share some ideas while talking with our guys in the studio, Karl and Greg, and how things sometimes stop us dead in our tracks. I have the Channeler’s Academy, I’ve got Holographic Healing, and Joeaux has Solopreneur Academy, Mission Possible. We’ve got these programs and people within these programs, oh my gosh, they do so great, marvelous things come through the Channelers and the Channelers Academy. The healing that happens with the Holographic Healers and the Solopreneurs? The Solopreneur folks.

You’re Making It All Up

Well, I can’t even go there hardly because it’s so magnanimous. But then they get up to a point, and they stop. I’m like, why, why, why? And I actually ask them because I am just that kind of girl, “Why?” And they say the same thing. Guess what it is. I know you know. Right, fear. Fear of what? Fear of failure, fear of success? You know, the fear of success is even stronger than the fear of failure. I know you know that. But it’s fear. And it’s like, what are you afraid of? What can possibly happen? I mean, from the origin to the ultimate, through your life, you have scenes, situations, scenarios, experiences, conversations, happy things, and maybe sad things, horrible things, and wonderful things. Well, you are making it all up anyway. Yes, you’re making it all up anyway.

Rise In The Face Of Fear

You are the creative life force of your world. I mean, if you’ve ever been to Everything is Possible, of which we’re going to be launching an Everything is Possible monthly series in a few weeks. In addition to our Everything is Possible two-day event, happening at the end of March in Branson, Missouri. I think, what is the stopper? How can fear stop you? Joeaux says something, “Face everything and rise.” Face everything and rise instead of whatever the other acronym for fear is. Because you see, that fear of getting it wrong, of not being enough, of judgment, of criticism, blah, blah, blah, blah. You fill in the blank. That’s exactly what it is, is blah, blah, blah.

How To Get Over The Blah Blahs

So how do you get over it? How do you get over the blah, blahs of your life? I haven’t a clue. I’m making it up as I go along. And that’s what you get to realize, is that you’re making it up as you go along. So why not make up something different? If you could take one thing in your world that you would like to achieve, that you would like to receive, that you would like to have happen. What might that be? Just think about that for a moment.

Do you have it? Did I give you enough time? Maybe I need to get ready to put some music in there. I do. I do. And I would like you to write it down. Write it down because once other people see that thing that you want to receive or achieve, that dissipates that fear. Or it creates that fear. So which is it? Take a deep breath.

I vote that when you speak it out loud or type it out loud, it dissipates that fear if you’re a loud typer. The intention is everything. Right? Right? Yes, the intention is everything, and everything is energy. So by you putting that energy out in the world that by speaking or writing your ultimate dream or vision or whatever, it brings you one step closer or that giant leap to it coming to fruition.

Let It Be Good

So what do I want to create? I decided last week or two weeks ago, or sometime when I was speaking at a conference, that I really liked that. I want to be a speaker that a conference will bring me in, pay all my expenses, and pay me to speak and inspire people that I don’t know yet. Now in the past, I’ve been afraid of that. And you may not think so, but in the past, I’ve been afraid of that. Because I thought I was too short, too tall. Well, I’ve never really thought of myself being too tall. Too fat, too thin, I’ve never really thought of myself as being too thin. Too curvalicious for you to accept. But what really is, is I have the energy, the vision, and now the intention to speak it out loud, and you all get to help with that. So you speak it out loud, too, right now.

I like it. Let’s shoot at the juice, okay, ready? And so it is. And so it shall be. Letting go of that fear that has held you back and stepping right into your divine path because you’re making it up anyway, so you might as well make up something good.

Woohoo. That’s it for today. Namaste y’all.

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