March 2015 “State of the Universe” Message: Change

You know that song “Chain of Fools,” by Aretha Franklin?

Chain, Chain, Chain…

Well, if we CHANGE the word to CHANGE, it becomes the perfect theme song for the 3/3/2015 Double Digit! The numbers in the date add up to 14, and 1 + 4 is 5, and — just as it was on the 2/22/2015 last week — 5 is about … CHANGE.

So much change! Can you even stand it? And do you think we have a choice?!

(Let’s all share in a good laugh, shall we?)

Five is one of the most dynamic and energetic single-digit numbers. It is completely unpredictable and always in motion… like LIFE, yes? It’s about being extremely independent and acknowledging your independence.

Five is also about sexuality and sensuality. It’s a kind of molding of the qualities of the masculine and feminine — 5 bridges them together — and that has a balancing influence, amid all the change.

Shew!! We do like a balancing influence amid all the change!

Join us for March’s LIVE State of the Universe Message
DD 2015
Tuesday, Mar 3, 2015

at 6PM PT, 7PM MT, 8PM CT, 9PM ET
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For this Double Digit, we will be activating the change in you. We will be activating the shift of consciousness within you.

We will be accelerating in a place of balance, using the masculine and feminine energies of humanity.

Know, too, that we will be incorporating the 3/3, which is about the Ascended Masters. We’re not sure who is going to show up, but whoever, whatever, whenever… it should be interesting!

I sure hope you’ll join us!

As always, we’ll take as many questions as we have time for — and, as one of our most loyal friends pointed out, it’s not everyday you get the chance to ask a question of an Ascended Master or a ‘spokesbeing’ from the 17th Dimension!

Hoping to ‘see’ you there…

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