Marilyn Harper Channels with Adironnda And The One

The Kevin Moore Show is a long form conversations on YouTube hosted by Kevin Moore. This interview with Marilyn took place on April 28, 2018 with information coming through that surprised the Host even. Two channels, one extraordinary event. We LOVE to hear your comments! Please leave your comments below.

Adironnda: Adironnda is a spokes-being from the 17th Dimension, channeled through Marilyn. “They, Adironnda & Company, represent a council of guides, angels, Master Teachers no longer in physical form” and deliver messages to help awaken the people of this planet. They are loving and funny and gently assist in the healing the heart, the past and activate whatever is in your highest good to be activated for the betterment of humanity. Marilyn Harper has been channeling since 1999.


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14 thoughts on “Marilyn Harper Channels with Adironnda And The One

  1. Kiran MAe says:

    after listening to it again, being part of the Avalon Choir in Glasonburry few days back and learning more in person. I am still in and much more. Blessed the ones that can hear!

  2. Angela says:

    Marilyn, I just watched your interview with Kevin Moore and it is profound. My heart was wide open and I was totally in the moment with what was happening. I am still reverberating… Tears of gratitude and awe for you, Kevin, Adironnda and The One! Thank you all so much for creating this “opening” and sharing that divine spark and divine love with all who listen and watch this interview.

  3. Nancy Battilega says:

    So hopeful to know that we have these advanced beings communicating with so many of us to help with this ascension process!!!

  4. Peggylynn says:

    This was quite an experience to witness! Thank you for sending it Marilyn! So much change, so many synchronicities! Even watching this today, following my own unfoldings, was so meaningful.

  5. Priya Mozes says:

    As you were coming together the energy was amazing, tears of truth flooded through me. Sheer joy being here NOW. What truth. I saw you all on stage channeling between all the channels together. Thank you. I am excited for the day to come. Blessing to The One, Adironnda and Yeshuwa coming through.

  6. Amara says:

    Oh Heavenly Day – Brilliant! So amazing and I’m so excited for what is obviously unfolding to come into being on this plane of our Human existence. Thank you for sharing. Marilyn & Adironnda & Company I saw you in Phoenix a few weeks ago with Lee & Kryon… my friend went to your post event Plurkshop and now, with this hearing you all exchange together, I feel eager to accept her newly-formed group’s invitation to come & practice allowing the energies to come through. I say thank you again & again for what you’re doing and for this lovely (historic, paradigm-shifting!) video of your visit with Kevin & The One… another ‘green light’ for “we are here to do this so let’s get on with it!”
    Blessings All

  7. Billie Holloway says:

    This was fantastic! A little bit of home. What a shift! Please please do it again. The oneness of all within ourselves was felt. Namaste!!

  8. Jennifer Crowley says:

    Thank you! This message clarifies the gathering of channelers, Ascension of human beings and the collective oneness that we are together!!! With Love & Gratitude, you are appreciated!!!

  9. Kiran Mae says:

    …and I will continue the thread…while you and all those Old Great Channellers are together in one arena. We, the Ones that you are talking too are at our own Countries doing the same, at the same level, with the same level of confidence of Kryon, Adironnda, Jesua, the One. Me and you together via web, like Lynne does all her IntentionProjects. I am in! Count on me, because I saw this inPuerto Rico. I gathered all the great Souls connected to the Island and us here at El Morro, a more than 500 years old Fort flashing Gaias connection thru all the Planet and the Galaxy. First I thought only for the healing after our devastation on economy and climate desasters. I was thinking very small, now you have allowed me to see such a great picture!:
    From me to the Galaxy, to the Other Worlds, and then we are all learnings like the One had shown.
    I am doing already this Intentions (very tiny one) with Lynne McTaggart’s Masterclass, and I imagine connected to my group of 600, with the Sistars and Adironda, and so many more; but today, thisis Grand! Today, Monday, May 7th, 2018 at 7:25 EST in Carolina, PR. this will be done and I am here humbly allowing myself to be a vessell for this Plurk! Yesss…after 7 years of sorrow, now I see the meaning of life every single day. This is the So called train I am waiting for. I AM IN, I AM THAT! , Kiran Mae

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