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Galactics and Walk-ins

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When: Wed, April 10, 6:30pm – 7:30pm Pacific
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The purpose of this Radio Show is to assist humanity in waking up to their true Divine Nature through the process of Ascension. Ascension is an individual process of Oneness and calls for the expansion of consciouness beyond the confines of a 3rd Dimensional reality. This show will profoundly expand your concept of what is possible by exploring the intriguing topics of both the Galactic Realm and Walk-In phenomena as told through Marilyn Harper.

About the Topic

Marilyn is an internationally recognized expert on the walk-in phenomenon. She humorously points out that it took three car accidents before she awakened to her true calling as a channel and began developing her spiritual gifts. As a trained Master in several healing modalities, her mission is to create B.L.I.S.S. on the planet (Because Life Is Simply Spiritual). Through her popular Adironnda & Company outreach, Marilyn teaches certification courses in Intuitive Development and Entering the Akashic Records. In her work as a speaker, facilitator and healer, Marilyn’s goal is to provide fun experiences and practical methods to help people laugh, love, remember who they are, and experience deep joy. You don’t want to miss this show! To learn more about Marilyn Harper visit her website

About the Show

Jessica Spencer is the Host of and the Author of: Rose Colored Glasses, Clear Colored Eyes The show is at 6:30 Pacific Daylight time 🙂 Marilyn with be a guest speaker with Jessica Spencer. She will provide added insight into the Walk-In Phenomenon and the purpose of being a Walk-In for 5th Dimensional Living.



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