Northern California, Here We Come!



Marilyn Is Speaking @
The West Coast Dowser’s Conference, Santa Cruz
Sat., July 7, 2PM – “Walk-ins Welcome” and
Mon., July 9, 3:45PM – “Journey Into the Akashic Records”

Ask a dowser. Don’t know a dowser…

We have 3 Wake-up Call Evening Sessions in the Bay Area.
Plus our 2-Day Great Awakening Retreat in San Jose.
See below for where and when.


To Register for Any Event:

Stops Along the West Coast Tour Route:

July 6-10: Santa Cruz, CA – Healer and Dowsers Conference

July 7: The Double Digit LIVE from Santa Cruz
July 13: Benicia, CA – Wake-up Call Group Session
July 14: Fremont, CA – Wake-up Call Group Session
July 17: San Jose, CA – Wake-up Call Group Session
July 20-22: San Jose, CA – Great Awakening 2-Day Retreat
July 29: Anacortes, WA – Wake-up Call Group Session

August Appearances:
Catch us in Arkansas and Missouri
August 6-9: The Truth About the Walk-in Phenomenon FREE Webinar
August 10: Mountain Home, AR – Wake-up Call Group Session
August 12: Buena Vista, AR – Wake-up Call Group Session
August 14: Fayetteville , AR – Wake-up Call Group Session
August 18: Springfield, MO – Wake-up Call Group Session
August 21: St. Louis, MO – Wake-up Call Group Session
August 24-26: St. Louis, MO Area – Great Awakening 2-Day Retreat

Become a VIP Host:
Qualify for our FREE VIPs Only retreat weekend
June 7-9, 2013: Our best form of marketing is YOU! We love to travel to where you are and meet your friends. Host us for a couple of days, hold a Wake-up Call Group Session in your home (15+ guests) and you will be invited to our VIPs ONLY weekend next year at the gorgeous Aventurine Castle in Springfield, MO.

We know that our VIPs are amazing leaders. What fun to have all of the go-getters in one place for an amazing weekend with Adironnda designed especially to elevate those who have stepped-up to help us with our mission of “activating 1,000,000 people.” Can you imagine the energy? ‘Gives us God-bumps!!! : )

To discuss a VIP event in your home, email your contact information to, subject: VIP inquiry.

More Retreats and Adironnda Events:

1st Come, 1st Serve – Registration is Limited!
Sept 14-16: Houston, TX – Great Awakenings 2-Day Retreat
Sept 28-30: Phoenix, AZ – Walk-ins Welcome Conference
Oct 17-22: Crestone, CO – Your Next Step Retreat
Dec 8-14: Kauai, HI – 12/12/12 Double Digit AND Kauai Retreat
Dec 20-22: Maui, HI – The Lemurian Choir with Dr. Todd Ovokaitys

2013 and Beyond:

Save your spot now!
Mar 28-31: Big Springs, MO – Nearly Silent Retreat
Apr 24-29: Mt. Ida, AR – Rock ‘N Rhythms Retreat

Fall 2013: Egypt Tour – The Great Pyramids, Temple of Isis, King’s Tomb
To Register for Any Event:

Find the Date of Interest on the Calendar: You’ll be directed to more details and registration. If it’s not on our calendar yet… you may send an email to, subject: (Name of retreat).

Now, back to that picture of the forked stick in the beginning of this email… it’s not for making wishes and it’s not the letter Y. It’s a dowsing rod and a great way to learn more about the magic of dowsing is here.

Blessings in love, light, and laughter,

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