What If the Resurrection Occurs Daily, in You? ~ Master Yeshua

Master Yeshua made another appearance
at our
Double Digit Group Channeling Session, on June 6, 2014.
This is the transcript of his message.

ADIRONNDA: So it is good day to you, huh? Very good to see your energy again. We have a whole roomful of beings right here with us because the entire Council of all of us and all of you are here in this hot little room, so we are excited and we are connected with your energy. We know that we are here in Crestone, Colorado, in solitude for a reason. You see, this is one of our most powerful retreats. The energy in Crestone, Colorado, ignites each person that attends, in their next step, on to their next frequency, and it utilizes the Galactic beings and the indigenous beings of this planet, right here in this area. So we are here.

Now, with 06-06-2014, that all adds up to a 10, which is new beginnings, so you are a part of the New Beginning energy on this planet tonight. Ten also connects with the God-Source or the Source of All That Is, the 1 representing New Beginnings and the 0, the God Source of All That Is. Trust that you are here for a reason today. Trust that you are activating your own energy and you are activating your own frequency for that Infinite Potential, that Presence, that trusted environment for the sacredness of our Council, which is here with us.

Master Yeshua - Every End Is a New Beginning
6/6/2014 adds up to a 10, which is New Beginnings,
with the 1 representing New Beginnings and the 0, the God Source
of All That Is.

MASTER YESHUA: We are honored to be in your presence again. We know that for some of you, it is a far stretch to see and feel my energy coming through such a willing Divine Link.

As you breathe deeply, know and understand that you are here as a part of a company that is igniting a new frequency of leadership on this planet. We are so thankful that our sweet Divine Link, Marilyn, raised her hand. She asked during our meditation today, “Why me?” Our response was, “Why not?”

You see, each one of you is sitting in our energy of unconditional love right now. Breathe into it… Each one of you, feel that frequency in your heart center right now as you are, indeed, balancing that energy. You may feel as though you are on a springboard jumping forward. Well, maybe you are stepping backwards—which is it? You see, whether you step forward or you step backwards, it is all a part of your choice. All aspects that are moving through this density, this Earth, as you hold the divine frequency of love, those aspects are pure; therefore you cannot make a wrong turn.

Master Yeshua - energy of love
You hold the divine frequency of love… therefore
you cannot make a wrong turn.

MASTER YESHUA: Our sweet Divine Link had some challenging information about her conference, eloquently named Visionaries in Light. We know that she has evolved, because she only chastised herself for a few moments before she thought, “Well, I guess it wasn’t supposed to be that way.” You see, that is the key.

When you show up with a willingness
to do all that is necessary and follow your guidance,
the planetary energy shifts just as your energy shifts.

You see, Dearest Ones, you raised your hand, just as she did. You raised your hand to be here with us, to be a part of this activation of the new beginnings of this planet. What does that mean to you… to have this planet beginning again? Igniting a new force of existence?

You raised your hand as an activator, as well, just as you are opening your heart. We see a few of you still have your heart closed. We ask you to trust—trust that heart! We implore you to open and have that two-way energy of love, of unconditional love. Can you feel what unconditional love might feel like if you radiated it always? We know and understand, as our dear Adironnda says, that unconditional love is something you may not ever have felt. That saddens our heart. It is why I came here. It is why I am back speaking to you.

Our sweet Divine Link was in the Garden of Gethsemane. She brought her friends, Jewish friends, as I am Jewish. It was a sacred place for her, and as soon as she sat, I entered. Within moments, there were hundreds of tourists walking past, each of them becoming activated by my presence even though they knew not what was happening. A few stood for a moment and listened. That is what you do. You stand for a moment, receive the activation today and move out into the world to see the new beginnings of our time.

You ask, “Why is there pain? Why is there suffering?
Why does everything seem so unfair sometimes?
Why are the leaders of this planet seemingly so foolish?”
Consider what it is you are focusing on.

There is a way to express your thoughts and feelings, even your doubts, without being swallowed in the hole of pain. There is a language there, present, expressing your own thoughts. That is the creative force.

You read the story our sweet Divine Link wrote about when we were with her in Gethsemane. She mentioned that, as she began to sing one of the Lemurian Tones—Tune 24, Coming Home—the birds that flocked overhead and sang loudly and a choir behind a wall began to sing in perfect harmony. She knew not where she was going or what she was doing or why she was doing it, she just knew that was the way it was to be and she trusted. She did not question, and that is what we are asking of you, Dearest Ones.

Master Yeshua - Garden of Gethsemane Memorial Marker
Our sweet Divine Link, Marilyn, was in the Garden of Gethsemane.
She knew not where she was going or what she was doing
or why she was doing it; she just knew that was the way it was to be,
and she trusted. She did not question.
And that is what we’re asking of you, Dearest One.

MASTER YESHUA: Do not question your mission; do not question your task. When you come forward with each and every idea, ask, Is this idea of the divine or is it of pain? I speak to you. I speak to you! Breathe into that. Why do you doubt? Why do you experience that shift of consciousness to wonder what is happening? If you don’t know what is happening, you can Google it.

There are hundreds, thousands out there with opinions, and yet I ask you to listen to your own heart. I ask you to see the truth through your heart. Truth is a perspective, and yet, when you look at the Lords of this planet—Jehovah, Yahweh, Allah, Buddha, Mohammed, Krishna, Myself, Babají, Susan, Elizabeth, Thomas… Yes, you carry the same frequency as the Lords of this planet! Your message that you are singing through is every bit as powerful, with every word that you say and every thought that you think.

You will have doubts.
I did.

You will have anger.
I did.

You will have pain.
I did.

You will have a mother and a father and brothers and sisters. They are all a part of you, whether you like that or not. Many of the Divine Mothers are choosing to leave this planet. That energy is the information for you. It is the passing of a torch, the passing of a baton. We implore you to pick up that baton; we plead with you to feel that unconditional love without expectation and breathe into your own perspective of truth for the highest and greatest good of all.

We know there are many questions tonight. We will answer—and possibly ask—as many questions as possible before we activate your Genius Code again for the new beginnings of your life.

What does it mean to begin your life again? What if the resurrection, as you call it, happens daily within you? What if each day you have that energy of stepping off the diving board, soaring through the air and sometimes landing in a pile of mud?!

And sometimes not!

Master Yeshua - Land in the Mud
What if you step off the diving board, soar through
the air, and land in a pile of mud?

MASTER YESHUA: But that pile of mud is made up of the sacred Earth and the life force of water, and with that pile of mud you can build houses, you can grow plants, you can cleanse the pores of your body, you can draw poisons out of your body with the clay that is in that pile of mud. So even though you may be standing in it, knee deep, cursing the fact that you have new shoes on— and those shoes may always carry a bit of that mud—we ask you to look at that mud differently… with love, for the growth of this planet.

We have questions, yes?


MASTER YESHUA: If you have not been on with us before, then we would let you know that our sweet Divine Link, Marilyn, is getting used to sitting in our unconditional love. She does not step aside as she does with Adironnda. We ask her to stay within, and her emotion gets up. So we pardon the nose blowing and the watery eyes, and yet what happens with that is it helps you open your heart.

You have questions?

JOEAUX: Yes. Our first question is, “Master Yeshua, what was the reason for the crucifixion and the crown of thorns?” This comes from Robbie.

MASTER YESHUA: Sweet Robbie. It was quite a dramatic death, wasn’t it? I find it fascinating—and very troublesome—that the symbols of my life are represented by my death. It was written in the prophecy that the teacher who was to come would suffer, and yet I find it fascinating that I suffered not by the hands of God, as some might say, but by the hands of men and women. You were there. You remember when the crowds praised me and then turned and said to crucify me. And yet, a part of my mission was to be an example and to teach you that, even in the face of the greatest suffering, I still loved you through that. Now I ask that, even in your greatest suffering, your greatest pain, your most tremendous, deepest, core-level loss, that you love through that.

Master Yeshua - Nails & Crown of Thorns
It was quite a dramatic death, wasn’t it?
However, had my death been simple…
the world would not have paid
nearly as much attention.

MASTER YESHUA: You see, many of the teachers who wrote your book—you call it the Bible—capitalized on that suffering. It has been shown in movies, and what that does is to help you feel that pain; somewhere inside you think, “Well, if he can go through that, then I can certainly go through this.” It is also a lesson in judgment.

Each time you judge another,
you are doing the same as saying, “Crucify him.”
Each time you say another is wrong for their beliefs and their ideas,
you are judging me as well.

Others may disagree with you; you may disagree with others. There are many on this planet that we do not understand: Why do they create pain and suffering in the name of their spiritual teacher, who taught love? However, had my death been simple, had my death been the way others pass—going to bed and not waking up, for example—the world would not have paid nearly as much attention. Yes, it was a sacrifice that I chose; I raised my hand like our Divine Link. I knew that was my path. I knew my mission. I didn’t always like it. So now I ask you, instead of focusing on the crucifixion and the crown of thorns and the cross that you bear in your heart that has been used to torture others many, many times, instead, I ask you to acknowledge your suffering and return that suffering with as much unconditional love as you can muster.

Next question.

JOEAUX: This question comes from Annie. She asks, “How can I hear that small, still voice inside me better?”

MASTER YESHUA: Be quiet! You see, it is only your belief that you cannot hear that voice. It is only a program—as Adironnda puts it—a pattern that you learned long ago, to believe that that voice is not for you. When you see and feel life within you, that is my voice. When you sense the whisperings telling you that I love you, that is my voice. That is why we ask you to meditate. It takes practice and exercising those muscles. It takes focus and breathing into the present, as well as the Presence. I do not not speak to you; I always speak to you. I am with you always. Breathe deeply, Annie. I am within you now and I love you. Don’t try so hard, just be.

Next question.

JOEAUX: This question comes from Pam. “I’m experiencing double vision which I believe is due to being in more than one dimension at the same time. Is there a way to change this double vision into clarity of vision?”

MASTER YESHUA: There are two things that are going on in your body, Pam. One is you are shifting your dimensional frequency and receiving a download. As that download becomes complete in the next 21 days, that double vision will lessen. We also see that there is an optical nerve in your head that is having undue pressure from your spine and occipital ridge, so we ask you to get cranial-sacral energy treatment for that and know that as your frequency shifts and the alignment is made in your spine and your optical nerve, the double vision will dissipate.

Next question.

JOEAUX: This question comes from Kathleen. She asks, “I’m relocating to New York City. What life lessons are in my highest good in the new relationship with Howard?”

MASTER YESHUA: A new relationship is always an exciting thing. A new home is also an exciting thing. Understand that, from this point forward in your next year as an enlightened being, and if Howard is as enlightened as you, you will push nearly every button each other has! So when a button is pushed, stop. Remember what you loved about Howard in the beginning and remind yourself that you are each there for the evolution of the other. New York is an amazing place to be. It could use extra light, which is why you are going there.

Master Yeshua - Cosmic Lovers by Tara Rieke
I say to each person who is in a sacred relationship…
to feel that sacredness and renew it often.

Remember to allow yourself time in the stillness, however, for you see, in that energy of chaos upon chaos upon chaos upon order upon order upon order, the stillness in the city that does not sleep may seem to be fleeting at first. So remember in your meditation, sweet Kathleen, that you and Howard have made a divine, sacred commitment to each other that can only be broken by your own choices. With that sacred commitment, you still must insulate yourself to find the silence and that balance, and it will take one year to acclimate yourselves to your new environment and to each other. Even though you have been with Howard before, there is still a shift in your consciousness as you are making this sacred commitment to move together. Treat it so. And I say to each person who listens to this, who is in a sacred relationship, we ask you to do the same. We ask you to feel that sacredness and renew it often.

Next question.

JOEAUX: This question comes from our friend, Janice. She asks, “How do I send love to our world leaders when I don’t really love them and feel like a hypocrite? How do I get over this feeling?”

MASTER YESHUA: Remember that judgment that we talked about? It is not up to you, sweet Janice, to say whether the world leaders are making the correct decisions or not. That is up to our Source. Even if sending them love feels hypocritical to you, if you are willing to send them energy of clarity, wisdom and love, that willingness alone can make a difference. You see, last time we spoke, we said to hold in your heart the possibility of the world leaders getting together and opening with prayer and meditation from different backgrounds, from different religions, from different continents—and then it happened! So we ask you to just continue to do the same. That is one of the reasons we are nudging our sweet Divine Link and her company to provide a Daily Call, a daily focus to gather the energy for the illumination of this planet, no matter what that may look like.

The beings that were present before the Ice Age may have thought, “How can we stop this?” yet it was not stoppable. Trust that this divine order is in process. Hold in your heart—learn and be willing to hold in your heart—love, clarity and wisdom for the highest good of all peoples on this planet. You see, no matter what things look like at the moment, it is still our intention, as another messenger stated, for [Earth to have] one people living with one purpose in peaceful coexistence.

So it is not being a hypocrite when you have
difficulty loving people who are not flowing with your divine frequency.
It is honest, and we thank you.

Keep your willingness present and you might think of our Daily Call as a part of your world. You see, that energy, when we have 150 or 200 people who are listening to this, that is multiplied around this planet. It has to change that frequency. It has to change that energy. But it cannot do it with hate or with judgment. So we ask you, sweet Janice, to feel us in your heart, and we will be there to help you understand and have compassion and be a leader, activating all.

Next question.

JOEAUX: This question comes from our friend, Karen. She asks, “I would like to know… What happened with [Malaysia Airlines] Flight 370? What happened to the people?” And a second question: “Is there going to be a disclosure with the [extra-terrestrials]? If so, when, and what are the details?”

MASTER YESHUA: People have been asking those questions a lot. The beings of Flight 370 have moved into another dimension. They dematerialized in this dimension and have materialized in another realm. A few have passed—they would have passed anyway. They are living; that is why those who ‘see’ do not see their death. There was a vortex that opened. It was a test; it didn’t work quite the way the testers thought it might. Believe [it that] they will return. The stories from the news are not necessarily representative of the truth, because they do not know, and they feel they must say something. This is our information. This is my information. You can accept it or not.

Master Yeshua - Messages of Hope for Flight 370
The beings of Flight 370 have moved into another
dimension. They dematerialized in this dimension and have
materialized in another realm… Believe it that they will return.
(Pictured: messages of hope for the missing passengers

MASTER YESHUA: There have been disclosures of our Galactic friends being here on this planet already. They have either been covered up or destroyed. Those who wish peace to this planet and to work in coexistence for the universal intergalactic united forces of light will be very hesitant to show themselves consciously again, and yet, they are still present. But they will not be shown en masse until it is safe for them to be shown without destruction and fear. When will that be? Tomorrow? We think not. In your lifetime? Oh yes! Remember that the differences the Galactic beings bring are even greater than those which the beings on this planet are fighting and killing each other over. So they hesitate to trust to disclose their presence here. We are sure you understand that.

Next question.

JOEAUX: This question comes from our friend, Pam. “How does one control what is being heard on an empathic level especially when the received energies are manifesting into earaches?”

MASTER YESHUA: Is this the same Pam with the double vision?


MASTER YESHUA: That is not your empathic energy. That is the imbalance of the optical nerve in your head. Breathe into that, you are not going to die—not now anyway—but we ask you to get some physical assistance.

Now, about your empathic nature, your intention is the key. You are in control of your intention. If you are intending to empathically transmute the pain of those people on this planet, why? It is not your job. If a reader has told you that the only thing that is happening to you is an energetic download and you are drawing empathic energy that causes your ear to ache, our opinion, my opinion is different. It is only a part of it. If you wish to talk with the Divine Link, Marilyn, she is an excellent medical intuitive. She does not want us to say that necessarily, but she is. You see, she has learned to acknowledge that Genius Code to be all that she is and that is what we ask of you.

Next question.

JOEAUX: This question is also from Pam, Master Yeshua. “What was the purpose of your baptism by John the Baptist, and is it a ritual that Lightworkers should perform today?”

MASTER YESHUA: We love cleansing by water. If you wish to have a ritual, it is a good one. You see, it sets the example and it is a physical act. You can cleanse by smoke; you can cleanse by fire; you can cleanse in many different ways. I personally was guided as John the Baptist was and yes, that is a true story even though many are not. I came to John and I cleansed my soul and my heart. Some would say that it did not need to be cleansed. Some would say that yours doesn’t need to be cleansed anymore, either. Even when you stand in the shower, that is a [spiritual] cleansing with water, and personally, I love it.

Is anyone besides Pam asking any questions? If not, the Vessel, Marilyn, our Divine Link, has a question.

JOEAUX: There are a lot of questions here, Master Yeshua.


JOEAUX: This is actually a request from our friend, Frieda. She says, “I ask that we pray for safe, free energy on Earth to be found and provided to all freely.”

MASTER YESHUA: Take a deep breath. We see those who are in a position of a divine power to set aside their personal ego, set aside their monetary gain, and see clearly the future of this planet and the energy source that is perfection. We also ask the peoples on this planet to have an awareness of how much they waste and show them in their heart of hearts the way to shift their habits. Breathe into the wisdom and the egoless choices.

Master Yeshua - Energized Earth
Take a deep breath… and see clearly the future of this planet
and the energy source
that is perfection. Also… have an awareness of how
much you waste,
and shift your habits.

MASTER YESHUA: Next question.

JOEAUX: This comes from Annie. She asks, “How can we open our hearts better?”

MASTER YESHUA: With your intention.

What is keeping your heart closed?
Fear? Pain? Why?
Be willing! Trust is the key.

Next question.

JOEAUX: This comes from Michelle. She says, “I feel and sense a grassroots movement back to honoring our precious Mother Earth. As each of us connects with this, the tipping point will be easily reached. Would love your insight on what is taking place regarding our consciousness and the wisdom of Gaia.”

MASTER YESHUA: Thank you, Michelle. That is a key, and that is the movement that we are beginning, acknowledging and activating. This great Earth is an amazing place. It houses life on the inside completely through to the tip of the atmosphere and beyond. About this new beginning that is happening, we ask you, Listen to the Divine Mothers, those who are passing and those that have passed before you. They are connected to the great Gaia, the feminine energy of this planet. That creative force is in the process of giving birth to a new world. You each have raised your hand to assist. Hold that intention every day. 11-11 is a good time. Hold the receptivity for Gaia to speak to you and through you.

Honor Gaia.
Plant something. Combine water and Earth
and wrap your hands in mud and gratitude and then baptize
your hands with cleansing water

For you see, that intention shifts the consciousness of the masses. That is why we ask you to… receive that wisdom and send it forth from you, and to gather in groups—online, globally, galactically and in person—for that frequency to expand.

Master Yeshua - Gaia's Curves
Honor the great Gaia, the feminine energy of this planet.

That creative force is in the process of giving birth to a new world,
and you have raised your hand to assist!

MASTER YESHUA: Next question.

JOEAUX: This comes from our friend, Martha. She says, Beloved Master Yeshua, when I say your name, Yeshua, I hear, ‘Yes, you are.’ I want to be liberated from suffering. I want to heal my teeth, my heart, everything. What must I do to remove the blocks and live in unconditional love for myself and others? My heart longs to feel this love.”

MASTER YESHUA: You have already begun, sweet Martha. Your intention starts the energy flowing. Your intention is that key. Your teeth represent your own indecision; your teeth represent the foundation of your presence. Suffering, I understand. I understand your pain and, even when you hate your suffering, I will still love you. We ask you to be proactive. We ask you to find the core.

Ask yourself, if you are suffering,
What is the good that comes from that?

We have a dear friend, Melley, who suffers intensely in pain, for she knows she has a mission and is an example. She is changing the consciousness all around her. Even though she weeps and cries and is in pain, she also inspires and teaches. So Martha, we ask you, how are you using your pain to inspire? Are you pitying yourself because of suffering? We don’t believe so. Find the core. That will assist in its release, if it is not your mission.

Next question.

JOEAUX: This is from our friend, Karen. She says, “I know you love me unconditionally. I believe you love me unconditionally. What must I do to feel your unconditional love?”

MASTER YESHUA: Take off your armor.

Every time you see a butterfly and you think to yourself,
“Isn’t that beautiful?” that is my unconditional love for you.
Every time you look into the eyes of a dear friend, my unconditional
love for you is looking back.

The only reason you don’t feel that you can feel my unconditional love for you is because you think it has to feel a certain way. It does not.

Take a deep breath.

I love you unconditionally. Always… whether you unconditionally love me or not. And look at yourself through the eyes of others. Your illusion is that I do not.

Next question.

JOEAUX: This comes from our friend John and is in reference to something you said earlier, Master Yeshua. “I did not understand what was meant by the mothers choosing to leave the Earth. Why is this happening? Can you explain further?”

MASTER YESHUA: There are many hundreds of divine physical mothers who are choosing this time of transformation, between now and the Summer Solstice, to leave this planet to then assist from the other side. We know that it hurts your heart to think of that. They are shifting your consciousness for those who are connected with them. Even if you are not connected with the Divine Mothers who are leaving, someone you know is. Breathe into their teachings. Breathe into their divine femininity. Breathe into their strength and their wisdom, for those Divine Mothers who are choosing to cross at this point in time. You see, a part of the new awakening on this planet is uniting the feminine.

Some call it the Goddess energy.
We don’t care what you call it, but the Divine Feminine
must come into balance with the Divine Masculine
for the evolution of this planet.

That is why the feminine energy is banding together, and some are crossing to help.

Next question.

JOEAUX: This comes from our friend, Patty. “Did you go off and marry Mary Magdalene and have children, as some say?”

MASTER YESHUA: Sweet Patty, we love that question! Mary, of the Magdalene Order, was my sacred union. Even though it may upset millions of people to think that we performed the most sacred intimate connection of essence within all of humanity to create an offspring, we confirm that there are beings who carry that direct lineage. Then we ask, Is it important to you? And we ask, Why?

We were asked the question once, Was your mother truly a virgin? We ask, How is that important? Does that mean that my birth was any less a miracle or more a miracle than the birth of your child?

We will take one more question. Which one has the most global-connective answer?

JOEAUX: Just give me a second to skim them. There are a lot of questions here.

MASTER YESHUA: This may mean we return on 7-7.

Our sweet link, Marilyn, asks if 666 is really the Antichrist?
No, it is not:
666 carries the ancient language of ending a cycle
for the birth of a new beginning of love.

Did that give you time to find the next question?

JOEAUX: This question comes from—I apologize if I get this name wrong—I think it’s Lauren. She says, “I can sense something is about to happen now, in June. I feel my spirit jumping from happiness. Is it possible that my hidden talents are about to bloom?”

MASTER YESHUA: Yes, sweet Lauren! As we are taking the next few minutes to activate your Genius Code and send that energy out to the planet, in the next 30 days there will be a vast difference on this planet, should you choose to acknowledge it within your body. What is your greatest skill? Step into it. What is your sacred talent? Jump off the diving board. You are correct in the quickening of your heart, Lauren. As hearts around this planet are quickening now, we ask you to remember to love yourself unconditionally, even if you don’t understand what that means. Even if you don’t understand what that feels like. Your intention is the key. Your intention is the frequency that causes the Earth to rotate. Your intention is to help you be who you are, not remember who you have been.

Master Yeshua - The Tomb of the Diver -Paestum, Italy
What is your greatest skill? Step into it.
What is your sacred talent? Jump off the diving board.

MASTER YESHUA: So take a deep breath, all. Hold your hands out—one up, one down. We like left up, right down, but the choice is yours. Feel the circle of energy that we create around this planet. Feel the activation in your core, in your cells, as we tone…

[Toning / vocalizing]

MASTER YESHUA: We are toning your Genius Code.

Feel your energy holding hands with me.
Feel your inter-dimensional vision of your wondrous
life shifting to acknowledge your genius… for my cells, my blood,
my DNA are yours.

Now hold your hands up and point them outward to send that essence to the leaders and the peoples of this planet, for love, for clarity and for wisdom of the divine direction. You see, you are love. It is not something you have to work to feel. We know you’ve been trained out of it. That is why we are returning in your heart. Say yes to that. Say yes to your own genius and honor it.

And if anything unlike genius comes up,
if anything unlike love comes up, ask yourself,
What would love do in response to that? How would love respond?
And then follow that guidance.

We love you so much. We bid you, in the sweetness of your life, namasté… namasté.


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