Master Yeshua Urges Love Amid Differences

Master Yeshua

This is a transcript of our
Double Digit Group Channeling Session, May 5, 2014,
featuring a message from Master Yeshua

ADIRONNDA: It is good day to you! Very good to see your energy. Very good to connect with each of you. You understand, my name is Adironnda, if we have not met before, and as you know, you see that energy and you see that frequency as you talk about the Double Digit. Today: 5-5-2014—that all adds up to a 17, and when you add 1 and 7 together, it gets to an 8. Normally, that is abundance. Normally, that is infinite abundance. However, that infinite abundance is something that is very important to each of you. Now, as that energy is moving forward, we are acknowledging a wider variety of this energy.

As the Vessel Marilyn was explaining, the Council stopped identifying themselves many a year ago because of ego. People were thinking, “Oh this person spoke to me, that person spoke to you,” blah, blah, blah. So they stopped identifying themselves. But today we ask that you set your ego at the door. We ask you to think that, as we move forward in this evening’s activation, that your ego is disengaged from who is speaking. Because that is not their intention, to heighten your awareness of how big and important you are that they came to see you. And they brought our sweet Vessel Marilyn to see them. So trust that, Dear Ones, to set your ego aside.

And now take a deep breath. A bit of water, too, huh? Water is a blessing for your energy, and your energy is very powerful tonight. As you connect, we connect directly with your heart and soul. We connect directly with your energy. We connect directly with our Council of Beings. You understand? We ask you to relax. Breathe. And embrace the shift that is happening within you.


Master Yeshua

MASTER YESHUA: Dearest Ones, we are here to remind you of something you already know. You are divine.

We are honored by the Divine essence, by the Divine Link whom Adironnda, our friend, encounters as the Vessel. You see, there has been a huge orchestration to bring this Divine Link to to our homeland. There has been— Breathe. Breathe. I do believe we are telling the Vessel, the Divine Link, to breathe.

You see, Dear Ones, this is a very unusual day. There are many celebrations, throughout Mexico, South America, all of the Americas, for Cinco de Mayo, a day of beauty, a day of revelry. We are here to celebrate you. We are here to breathe life into your presence as this world is filled with chaos, some of it about us. You see, I…. we refer to us as an “us” because…

I am you, and you are me. And together we are we. One.

There are many who have set aside great cathedrals, great places of separation in my name. We can’t say that is wrong. They must do what they must. But to create pain in my name, I cannot abide by it. I cannot shift by it. So, I’m asking each of you to be the difference.

There have been so many hurt in the separation [of religions]. I ask that it stop.

And each one of you that receives this message, you are our sentry. You are our messenger to pass this message along. My message. Our message. For you see, our Divine Link, Marilyn, we brought her to Israel, a land of trouble, a land of magnificence—my land. And as she stood where my feet were, she looked down and saw the foundation of holiness: that she was standing on holiest of holy ground, as it has been named by those that follow my former teachers, Isaac and Abraham. And as she looked down, she was overcome with emotion, because she felt my energy. She felt the energy of those that walked before me. Before Us. Through those tunnels. Through those pathways. And she said, “I’m standing on holy ground. Even though it has been named holy, it is truly holy. Because I feel the energy of the ancestors and my teacher,”—her teacher: me.

And yet we bring her a new message, that we also bring to you.

Master Yeshua - Look at your feet

Look at your feet. Right now, look at your feet. Don’t you love your feet? Look at the magnificent job that they do for you. When I walked this planet, the feet were considered sacred and unclean at the same time. (It was quite dusty.) And yet, the feet carried the lessons from the earth. They are the foundation. Your foundation.

Dearests, we tell you that, whether you are standing on a stone that was here 3000 years ago, or whether you are standing on linoleum or what other surface you’ve got in your kitchen, you are still standing on holy ground. You see, the primary difference between you and me, I know who I am. I know my task. And I am willing to perform that task. Because I teach you how to live, not how to die. Breathe. Breathe that in. Look at the sacred ground beneath your feet, and understand that you are the walking trees of this planet. The trees carry a life force. They bear fruit. They have shade. They grow to magnificent redwood heights. And they grow as stubbles in the desert. Each is holy and sacred. Just as you are.

I told a story once, a very long time ago, about a farmer who had a fruit tree, and he kept saying that his fruit tree wouldn’t bear fruit so he should cut it down. The true story is that he talked so much about his fruit tree not bearing fruit that it had not a chance! If he were to have shifted his thinking, shifted his feeling, to speak of the fruit tree maturing, growing, and tasting the sweet fruit that it one day would bear, his fruit tree would have given fruit. You see, the moral of that story is true: Ask and you will be given. Knock and the door will be opened. How could you believe that it wouldn’t? We have given our Divine Link, Marilyn, many, many confirmations of that.

Master Yeshua - Fruit Tree

On her way to my homeland—those of you who are actually listening to this from Israel, you may have heard this. It is a story worth repeating.

Our Divine Link, Marilyn, left her passport on a plane in Chicago. She was in Newark. Before heading to Israel, they would not let her on the plane. The flight crew from Chicago was bringing the passport, but the plane was delayed. It was not scheduled to arrive until after our Marilyn’s plane to Israel was to take off.

She started to panic. And then she said, “It’ll be alright”—just as her sweet attendant for United Airlines was saying, “It’s not going to be here; we’ve taken your luggage off the plane.” And she said, in her heart, “It will be here. Something will happen. There will be a tailwind and the flight from Chicago will get here faster. Something will happen, and my flight to Israel will be delayed from take-off. Easily. Not with any disaster.” And she began to feel what she would feel, getting on the plane with her luggage and having all of the friends that she had made while waiting cheer for her as she got on the plane.

You see that’s the key, that is your infinite potential, in your emotional body, that which you choose. That feeling aspect is your Genius Code. It is not your thinking aspect.

Your thinking aspect will try to figure it all out, try to iron out all of the details, and your mind will go round and round with “Why isn’t this happening?” “Why isn’t this happening?” “Why didn’t that link work?” “Why didn’t that link go out in seven different emails?” All wrong until one [right one] finally came. “Why isn’t this happening?” “Why is this so difficult?” “Why did the passport get left?” “Why did the passport fall out of the pocket?” Blah blah. That’s your thinking part.

This [Genius Code] is your feeling part. I know. I know it’s possible for a tailwind to nudge a whole plane so that it’s thirty minutes early instead of ten minutes late. Or ten minutes early. It doesn’t matter as long as it’s not late. I know that there will be a minor distraction to delay [the flight to Israel]. I know that they will actually send a runner to the other gate to get the passport, and the luggage will get on in the nick of time, and those new friends will cheer to see us there.

You feel it, too. Feel the joy. The beauty. The simplicity of hundreds of things happening just for one miracle. Yes, our sweet Divine Link got on the plane in the nick of time. The other plane [from Chicago] got in early. [And on the plane bound for Israel,] you see, someone was arguing about their first class seat, so it was delayed.

That is truly all you need. Feel it.

Master Yeshua - tears flowing

[About Marilyn tearing up and blowing her nose…] You see, when We are present, many times, our Vessel, our Divine Link, feels her open heart and her human eyes weep with the love that we feel for her, and for you. You see, all things are possible. Yes, that is what we said. Why did you ever stop believing that? Who convinced you? Who convinced you that somewhere along the line you were separate?

Yes, our friend, Babají, says that all secretions from the body are holy, and they are.

You see, a fire has been started. There has been a spark of love that is now magnifying through the holy land. Your land and my land. This spark, this heart center, is that which we ask you to carry on… is that which we know beyond a shadow of a doubt is love. That love is the most magnificent thing that each of you offer this planet. It is the love that we feel for each of you. You are my brothers and my sisters. We have the same Father.

(Our sweet Divine Link says she’s hoping that they can remove that nose blowing from the recording, and yet, that is the sound of release! How many of you feel that heart-centered release now? How many of you breathe into it?)

It is not uncommon for you to feel such love. It is our task tonight to help you anchor that into your infinite potential, because that love is the spark that will change Israel. That spark is the thing that will change all the countries surrounding Israel. That love is the spark that will change and shift this planet. All the great teachers have said so. I’m a teacher.

You attempted to make me your savior. I would rather teach you to save yourselves. You must trust who you are. You must breathe into your creation.

I know many of you have questions for me. We are not sure we can answer them all. We will take one at a time.

JOEAUX: We have a question from Frida, and she asks, “I love you, Master Yeshua. Thank you for the love and humanity that you have showed us. Will you ever appear to us in human form?”

MASTER YESHUA: Our dearest Frida, we are bringing you the light. When you look at your friend, you are seeing us in human form. When you look at your enemy, you are seeing us in human form. When you look at your heart, you are seeing us in human form. We know that you wish for us to be present in an embodied human once again. At this moment, we have chosen to come into your heart. Put your hand on your heart: that is where we are. Put your hand on your body: that is our human form.

Do we have another question?

JOEAUX: Our friend Michelle… has a request. She writes, “If this is appropriate in this forum, might we collectively send Godspeed safety to the girls who were taken from their school in Nigeria?”

Master Yeshua - Bringbackourgirls

MASTER YESHUA: That is perfectly correct in this forum. So take a deep breath… What is your desire for the girls in Nigeria? For all girls or boys who are taken from their home, from their schools? What is the desire that you feel for them? Feel what it feels like as their mothers and fathers see their children running towards them, found! Feel the warmth of their breath as their sobbing cries of joy lift the ears of their parents. Feel the relief of someone knocking at the door. Feel the emotional impact of what you choose, and breathe forth the wisdom of all the peoples on this planet to shift. Find them! See them, with clarity and love, and embrace their hearts. Take a deep breath and feel into that for a moment. Can you feel their giggles of joy when they embrace with their family? Can you feel their essence as we send that energy to them? That somehow the right people will see who they are. That somehow, where they were lost, they will be found and returned to their families safe and unharmed, as easily as our Divine Link walked onto a plane with her passport. It’s that simple.

JOEAUX: You have another question.

MASTER YESHUA: You see, there are so many questions.

JOEAUX: Yes, and the more you talk, the more questions come in. Our friend Janice, asks, “How do we change things when our leader seems to care about only himself?”

MASTER YESHUA: The leaders of this planet, they get the opportunity to experience that love, as well. I ask you to meditate daily. To sit [in silence] daily, and [as] a part of that daily connection, that you send love to the leaders of this planet. You can do that at 11:11, set your alarm. You can do that in your morning meditation. But if you continually feed the fire of narcissism and self-absorption, then the leaders of this planet will start reflecting that. However, if you connect directly to the heartstrings of the leaders of this planet, even though they may appear to be an enemy who might take your children and feed them into slavery…. we ask you…

The quest is to love your enemy. You see, with love, it disengages the weaponry. Realize that the leaders are reflecting the people, so let us work on the people as well. The people, filled with love, what would that feel like? What would it feel like when the leaders of this planet get together for a caucus, a meeting, and open it with prayer and meditation—to their own Sources of their own guidance, because their own Sources ultimately and truthfully at their core have the same message. That is why the Source of All That Is sent so many messengers [and] teachers. So start feeling what it would feel like for them all to agree, and to make decisions truly for the good of this planet. And then their intentions will begin to shift. Send the energy of love to them now. Activate their Genius Code of infinite potentiality as we activate yours.

We have another question?

JOEAUX: We do. It is from our friend Linda, and she writes, “Last month, Mary spoke of light centered in various parts of the body. But she did not say where the seat of the soul resides.”

MASTER YESHUA: The seat of the soul starts at the center of your root. You call it the root chakra, and it goes through the center of your body [and] through your pituitary gland in your head. That is your seat. It is a wholeness that then radiates outward. Our dearest Mother, the Divine Nobility that was called many things, of the feminine, [spoke about] that seat of your soul. As you connect with the mother’s teaching of the Seven Rays, [the energy] radiates out to such an extent… that it passes through all physical nature. We ask you to look at those Seven Rays, from the seat of your soul, from the tip of your crown [down] to your holy feet [and] to the tips of your fingers, in all of the lights, and magnify them, because you are the Divine Source of All That Is. That is the heart center. That is the core. That is your innermost being. Breathe into that. Feel your pituitary illuminating with the tones.

[Master Yeshua spends a minute or so intoning deeply…]

Breathe into it. We have another question, yes?

JOEAUX: Yes I do, and this question comes from our good friend Robbie, and I just want to say that I think that everybody on the call feels the same way about this question, and that is, “Can you heal Marilyn of her temporary illness and let her sleep for three days?”

MASTER YESHUA: If she were to sleep for three days, that would be a miracle! We can. And yet, she can as well. As you can. You see, if she were to sleep for three days, would she not still wake up tired? And then run and run and do all the things she didn’t do for three days? You see, better is to breathe into the deepest sleep, in the time that you have, and honor yourself. Our sweet Divine Link, when she does not honor herself, we slow her down and give her a bit of a fever to burn off the energy that she transmutes for hundreds of people, so she stops. The key is for her not to feel guilty when she stops. Dearest Robbie, we will allow you to remind her of that.

Master Yeshua - The perfect day

You see, it’s not sleep, it is rest. We have told you, as the Mother told you, as Adironnda told you, balance! The perfect day?

• To awaken on your own, naturally, with first light.
• To sit in meditation. To allow yourself to breathe and to connect with YOUR Divine.
• To journal. We ask you to write. That clears the mind. You don’t ever have to read it. But it just clears the mind of random thoughts.
• Cleanse yourself of old energy.
• Be of service, joyfully. Others may pay you your livelihood for that service. Or not! Just be of service.
• Laugh.
• Love.
• Enjoy this planet that you have experienced and created.
• Take nourishment. Be aware of the chemicals in some of that nourishment, and ask for that healing.
• Spend time with friends or family—or yourself—loving all.
• And then sit in the silence again.
• And rest…
Play somewhere in there.
• Be in gratitude every moment.
• Continue breathing every moment.
• Feeling peace every moment.
• Feeling joy.
• And, when things unlike joy come up—as they will—breathe into them and see the Divine within them, as well.

We ask you, and our dear Joeaux, and our sweet Divine Link, Marilyn, and each of you [who are listening], to understand that when you trust that Divine Order is in process, you can rest. Deeply. You may say that you trust it, but if you’re not resting, there is doubt there somewhere.

Do not doubt. If I would have doubted my mission, what might have happened to this world? If I would have doubted my mission, all of those stories would not have been written. [What might have happened] if I would have doubted my mission and thought, “I don’t know enough to touch someone and heal them”? But I did not think that. I felt what it would feel like for them to be healed. And then I trusted the creative life force to do what was necessary for them, or for me. And sometimes that means they get to transition, so they can assist with this planet’s evolution from the other side.


So thank you for caring so much for our sweet Divine Link. We will remind her that when she lies awake because she’s caring for all others, it does no Master Yeshua - tears flowinggood. It is counterproductive. We will also remind her that when she sleeps, others sleep as well.


We have another question?

JOEAUX: I actually have a comment from our friend Polly. She says she wants to thank you for coming to her in meditation a few years ago. She felt unworthy to hear you speak to her, but instead you stepped onto the path with her, and she knew that the path was the right one. And she says, “I love you forever.”

MASTER YESHUA: Sweet, sweet Polly. I love you forever, as well. You see, you need do nothing for me. That’s a mistake of the teachings. The teachings say that you have to do this or you have to do that or you have to wear this or you have to act this way. Polly, I just love you. That is what I want you to know.

With all of your eccentricities, with all of your ideas, with all of your wisdom, with all of your things that you feel might be mistakes… they are not. They are you, and you are perfect.

Our Divine Link spoke with a Messianic Jew while in Israel, and we came through while she was speaking, because he was telling her that no one can have such a perfect love as the Father Creator. We explained that it is a Father-Mother Creator, and that you are created in their likeness. So how could you be less than perfect? Let’s remove that separation of thought and feel. Sweet, sweet Polly, I love you. Thank you.

We have time for one more question before we activate. What is the best question there?

JOEAUX: There are some good ones here, Master Yeshua. Okay this one comes from our friend John, and he asks, “How do we do away with the nonsense the Bible has created in this world? How can we tell others it doesn’t matter if You are the Savior without inciting anger in others?”

MASTER YESHUA: Wouldn’t it be great if someone would come along and save everyone? Someone to come through on a white horse—or a cross—and take it all away? But you and I know, John, that as we walked together we just told stories to help people learn…to help people learn how they are [and] who they are. Now, we ask you not to try to convince them of the differences that you believe and the truth that you remember. Truth is a matter of perspective: mine, yours… Some people need to believe that there is something greater than them that they are not a part of, that will sweep away all of their errors. Speak to them with love, with a compassionate heart, and be who you are. And remind them that I came to teach people to live, not to die.

My words, many of them, were rewritten for the essence of control or fear. That saddens our heart. But we look into your face, John, and [into the faces of] the others here, and we see hope. We see the difference that you each are making in this world. We see you as you see others. We love you as you love others, and as you love yourself. I don’t know why that part seems to be forgotten. That is the fruit worth bearing over and over.

So, it does no good to argue the differences. Your people have done that for thousands of years. Honor the differences. If all the threads of a piece of cloth were the same, there would be no distinction. If all the leaves of a tree were the same, there would be no distinction.


Master Yeshua - Bark of the Red wood

When you look at the bark of the redwood
and you feel that rich, thick groove that that bark makes,
then you look at the aspen: the smooth whiteness, with its eyes watching you. Is one more magnificent than the other? No.

When you look at the hairs on your head, do you love one hair over another? And yet, if you look at them under a microscope, they are all different.

I ask you to try to understand the differences of others. As our Divine Link watched, hundreds and hundreds of Arabs marched through the streets on the way to the Mosque three times a day to pray, because that is their way. It is not your way, perhaps, but that does not make it wrong. Just makes it different.

Pray wherever you are

Just stand and pray wherever you are.

Just as the aspen is different from the redwood, and the olive tree is very different from the orange tree, yet both bear fruit. Is one fruit better than the other? No.

This is our teaching that we ask you to share:
that it doesn’t do to argue the cause.

Because, you see, you disarm your friend with whom you are discussing things, when you say, “I love your opinions! I love your beliefs! They are different from mine. What interesting conversations we can have because of our differences.” If everyone talked about the same thing all the time, it might get tiresome. Of course, then there might be more silence, which might be a good thing.

So, trust that you will be given the exact right words to say to the heart of those with whom you communicate. A tiny nugget at a time, a tiny inch, a tiny speck, grows into a bigger speck. People are ultimately followers with a few leaders. Each of you who are here together with us as well as you who will listen in the future, you are the leaders—though you may lead so gently that people think you are a follower.

Take a deep breath. We are activating your Genius Code. If you wish to close your eyes, you can. Feel our hands on your heart. And now, hold your hands out—one up, one down—and feel the circle of energy that you create with your infinite potential with all who are present, now and in the future. Relax your hands and let them receive and let them give. The flow of infinite potential is in you.


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6 thoughts on “Master Yeshua Urges Love Amid Differences

  1. Lynne Ormandy says:

    What a joyous, positive reward for seeking more of sweet vessel Marilyn and the double digit messages she so lovingly shares. I am honored and grateful and full of loving energy — inspired to send it out to all hearts that can receive it!

  2. Mahriael says:

    Blessings Marilyn, Deep gratitude for sharing this Double Digit transcript. It spoke very personally to me. Like you I’m a Walk-In & know who I am & why I’m here now. It was exactly what I needed to hear in this moment, in holding & sharing my part of the message of Oneness & Unity to it its next level.

  3. Martha says:

    Oh, Master Yeshua, Sweet Vessel Marilyn and Joyful Joyeaux,

    I just read this and I really could feel the Love.
    Today I’ve been thinking and talking about Self Love with a couple of very special people, David and Michael. And the difficulty I’ve had loving me and how much better I am at helping others. But now I have to love myself…my health and my future depends up on it!
    This is just what I needed. I could really feel you.
    Thank you for reminding me that,


    Thank you so very much.

    Master Yeshua – you gave me hope that I AM LOVE AND ALL I HAVE TO DO IS BE THE LOVE THAT I AM.





    I LOVE YOU ALL !!!!!

    Your friend and GOD appearing as Martha 😉


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