Master Yeshua Activates Our Genius Code

the genius code

the genius codeMaster Yeshua came through, as promised, during the 5-5-2014 Double Digit, to speak with us about realizing our infinite potential. Sometimes he called it infinite potentiality. Other times he used a term that was a new one to me: Genius Code.

Let me say that I look forward to the Double Digit every single month, not only because I get to help out behind the scenes and be a part of making it happen, but also because the channeled messages always seem to sync up with exactly where I am in my life. I’ll often hear an explanation during the Double Digit that addresses the very thing I’ve been noticing during the month, or confirmation of how best to face a particular challenge I just happen to have playing out that week.

So, about this Genius Code, this phrase I’d never heard before… guess what! Once Master Yeshua explained what it is and how it works, I realized it’s a process I have used many times in my life. Indeed, I like to think of it as standard operating procedure. What’s more, I’ve even taught the process to clients (and stand ready to teach it to you, if you’d like — read on!)

So just what is the Genius Code? Turns out we all have one!

Your Genius Code is your ability to project to a result, to feel and inhabit that result emotionally in your body, energetically, and have that result realized. (Tweetable)

Hearing of it in Master Yeshua’s words held a very specific and deep meaning for me. It let me know that I was on the right track and just needed a ‘refresher’ on the topic.

Speaking of refreshers, I would like to share with you a couple of excerpts from the 05-05-14 Double Digit. In this first one, Master Yeshua recounts how his “Divine Link,” a.k.a. the Vessel Marilyn, leveraged her Genius Code with grace and aplomb, even in the midst of an especially stressful situation:.

Listen to the story here:

Below is the transcript of that story…

MASTER YESHUA: On her way to my homeland—those of you who are actually listening to this from Israel, you may have heard this. It is a story worth repeating.

Our Divine Link, Marilyn, left her passport on a plane in Chicago. She was in Newark. Before heading to Israel, they would not let her on the plane. The flight crew from Chicago was bringing the passport, but the plane was delayed. It was not scheduled to arrive until after our Marilyn’s plane to Israel was to take off.

She started to panic. And then she said, “It’ll be alright”—just as her sweet attendant for United Airlines was saying, “It’s not going to be here; we’ve taken your luggage off the plane.” And she said, in her heart, “It will be here. Something will happen. There will be a tailwind and the flight from Chicago will get here faster. Something will happen, and my flight to Israel will be delayed from take-off. Easily. Not with any disaster.” And she began to feel what she would feel, getting on the plane with her luggage and having all of the friends that she had made while waiting cheer for her as she got on the plane.

You see that’s the key, that is your infinite potential, in your emotional body, that which you choose. That feeling aspect is your Genius Code. It is not your thinking aspect. Your thinking aspect will try to figure it all out, try to iron out all of the details, and your mind will go round and round with “Why isn’t this happening?” “Why isn’t this happening?” “Why didn’t that link work?” “Why didn’t that link go out in seven different emails?” All wrong until one [right one] finally came. “Why isn’t this happening?” “Why is this so difficult?” “Why did the passport get left?” “Why did the passport fall out of the pocket?” Blah blah. That’s your thinking part.

This [Genius Code] is your feeling part. I know. I know it’s possible for a tailwind to nudge a whole plane so that it’s thirty minutes early instead of ten minutes late. Or ten minutes early. It doesn’t matter as long as it’s not late. I know that there will be a minor distraction to delay [the flight to Israel]. I know that they will actually send a runner to the other gate to get the passport, and the luggage will get on in the nick of time, and those new friends will cheer to see us there.

You feel it, too. Feel the joy. The beauty. The simplicity of hundreds of things happening just for one miracle. Yes, our sweet Divine Link got on the plane in the nick of time. The other plane [from Chicago] got in early. [And on the plane bound for Israel,] you see, someone was arguing about their first class seat, so it was delayed.

That is truly all you need. Feel it.

Later in the session, one of our Double Digit subscribers asked whether we might collectively send “godspeed and safety” to the hundreds of girls who were abducted from their school in Nigeria. This time, Master Yeshua guided us in activating our genius code, and the moment was unforgettable.

Listen to this! Wait, more than listen: feeeeel this!

JOEAUX: Our friend Michelle has a request. She writes, “If this is appropriate in this forum, might we collectively send godspeed and safety to the girls who were taken from their school in Nigeria?”

MASTER YESHUA: That is perfectly correct in this forum. So take a deep breath… What is your desire for the girls in Nigeria? For all girls or boys who are taken from their home, from their schools? What is the desire that you feel for them? Feel what it feels like as their mothers and fathers see their children running towards them, found! Feel the warmth of their breath as their sobbing cries of joy lift the ears of their parents. Feel the relief of someone knocking at the door. Feel the emotional impact of what you choose, and breathe forth the wisdom of all the peoples on this planet to shift. Find them! See them, with clarity and love, and embrace their hearts. Take a deep breath and feel into that for a moment. Can you feel their giggles of joy when they embrace with their family? Can you feel their essence as we send that energy to them? That somehow the right people will see who they are. That somehow, where they were lost, they will be found and returned to their families safe and unharmed, as easily as our Divine Link walked onto a plane with her passport. It’s that simple.

How do you leverage your own Genius Code?

  1. Focus on your desire. Get really, really clear about it.
  2. Ask yourself: What would it feel like to experience your desire?
  3. Close your eyes and go there, right now! Feel the emotions and sensations of what is going on, in and around you. Embody the emotions that come with experiencing your desire to its fullest.
  4. Let this experience completely inhabit your body. Don’t just imagine it; experience it energetically. We’re going for goosebumps here!
  5. Lather, rinse, repeat. 🙂

So! How cool was that? Let us know in the comments below!

P.S. Remember how I was standing ready to teach you my own version of Genius-Code activation? Well, I’m still standing ready! Download a 9-minute audio instruction that I call Flight Simulator. While this activation is geared toward helping you gather the courage to have what you want, I’m thinking that, even if your courage is plenty well-gathered already, chances are good you’ll enjoy the process! (Again, we love to read your feedback here at Adironnda & Company!)


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2 thoughts on “Master Yeshua Activates Our Genius Code

  1. Sasha louise says:

    Hi all, I only came across this site because of an email from Lee Carroll, the posting above about the young girls , I came over with so much emotion reading it, I welled up with tears and felt so much love and relief in my heart it was unbelievable, it was like I was sensing the emotions of every single person involved ,parents and the children, the relief and excitement also.
    Thankyou, love and light and peace to all…
    Sasha x

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