Marilyn Brings Master Yeshua’s Messages from Israel

Master Yeshua at the Sea of Galillee

Enjoy these 3 videos recorded during the Kryon Israel 2015 Tour.

In October, 2015, Marilyn was invited to make a few special appearances, channeling messages from Master Yeshua, in specific places in Israel. Officially, she provided messages to the entire Kryon Tour from the Mount of Beautitudes. She also did a guest appearance with Yeshua, at the Sea of Galillee.

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Yeshua from the Mount of Beautitudes

Yeshua at the Sea of Galillee

During an optional Old Jerusalem day tour, Marilyn also provided several messages from Yeshua, Mother Mary and Adironnda. The final channeling, officially, was held at the Israel Museum, in old Jerusalem and is below for you to experience.

Yeshua, Mother Mary, and Adironnda at the Israel Museum

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There were 6 tour buses traveling through Israel for this Kryon special event. Marilyn and Joeaux happened to be on Bus #4 where there were 7 more, very special, messages from Yeshua (for bus #4 only). Interestingly, this bus was the designated vehicle for the Hebrew translator and those Israeli’s requesting translation. So, while all of the messages are in english, the hebrew translation is echoed. No accidents, right?

Why are these 7 videos not also free?

Each month, Adironnda & Company has a State of the Universe Message based upon the numerology of the month, of that particular Double Digit (10/10 – October – in this case). Since the 10/10/2015 Double Digit occurred while on tour… these additional videos were reserved as a bonus for our Double Digit subscribers and contain more detailed information.

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These are the additional videos from the Kryon Israel 2015 Tour:

  • Master Yeshua on the Rooftop of the Cennacle, Mt. Zion
  • Master Yeshua at the River Jordan
  • Master Yeshua at Golan Heights, on the Syrian Border
  • Master Yeshua in the Cave of the Essenes, Mt. Carmel
  • Master Yeshua at the Negev Desert

And, these are the videos from the optional day tour to Old Jerusalem:

  • Master Yeshua at Mary’s Spring in Old Jerusalem
  • Master Yeshua at the Church of Visitation

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A heart felt thank you goes out to…

Elan Cohen, for making this tour of Israel possible and to Lee Carroll and the entire Kryon Team for welcoming Marilyn and Joeaux, and Adironnda & Company into the Kryon family. Shalom!








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