Mastering Bliss and Channeling Your Inner Guru

“Anyone can channel,” Marilyn says. She tells me all the time that anyone can do what she does.

“Anyone?” I ask as I look up from my writing. “Anyone, like me?”

“You already do,” she tells me.

I check my reflection in my computer monitor. Yep. Still looks like me. No foreign accent, no change in eye color. I continue writing…

Mastering Bliss Girl

My Belief (is that) Life (is) Spiritually Supported. We created this acronym B.L.I.S.S. to describe our work and I especially love that it feels like it reads. Just saying the word sends a sense of peace through your cells.

To channel is to master bliss in that moment. It IS a Spiritually supported experience of tapping intuition. You remove the fear and allow the Divine inside. Everything that is done by Spirit is with such unconditional love, such bliss.

As Dean Kootz has written, “Intuition is seeing with the Soul.” I like that.

Channeling is also an intuitive muscle. The more you exercise it, the stronger it gets. With a little mental and emotional calisthenics we can all develop the same channeling muscle that Adironnda accesses through Marilyn.

People have channeled information forever. If you look closely at the context of many very earth-shattering discoveries, you will find the innovator expressing gratitude to the Creator for the discovery, for the partnership of their intuition.

“Man is a genius when he is dreaming.” ~ Akira Kurosawa

It’s commonly known that Archimedes’ “Eureka!” was an epiphany, and Darwin suddenly had a “hunch” about natural selection. Even the Bible was “divinely inspired”. All are forms of channeling. I read recently that our beloved Post-it Note was “dropped in” by Spirit, and that Neal Donald Walsh became a household name when his (ahem) channeled book, “Conversations with God,” hit the New York Times Top 10 list.

While channeling may not always look like the method Marilyn may use to deliver the messages of Adironnda, I believe anyone can find their channeling “voice.” The trick is to be able to call upon it at anytime, without a shadow of a doubt, to tap into the brilliance of what is uniquely you. Tesla did it. Einstein did it. In fact, it’s only been in the last century or so that people quit admitting their gratitude for Divine Inspiration and referring to their own “channel”.

I’ve learned in working with Marilyn, there is no Channeling 101 book or course. It’s a journey of discovering your own unique life experiences based upon the Akashic Records. Once you’ve discovered how to allow Angelic entities to speak through you, they help you to evolve, to get rid of fears so that you can be more open. Then, you are actually encouraged more and more to be a part of the channel. It’s a practice of letting go of your filters, or your fears.

You’ll also come to learn that the Angelic beings have a wonderful sense of humor.

As Adironnda once said in a group session, “Mediumship is a dead art.”

When you look back on the meaning of the words that surround the act of channeling, you will find that they are derived of Sprit. The word “inspiration” is from the Latin inspirare, meaning “to breathe into”. The Greeks, and the ancient Norsemen believed intuition came from the muses and the Gods. Christianity refers to it as a gift of the Holy Spirit. Even “genius” is of “genius loci” or “spirit of the place.”

I take a deep breath, feel the flutter within my solar plexus that I’ve come to know as my own Spirit confirmation and realize my message here is complete. The angelic beings that write through me have slipped away so I can get back to more earthly things like showering.

“Okay, so maybe I do channel,” I tell Marilyn as I close my computer.

I pause.

“So, can you teach me bilocation?” I ask her.

She smiles and walks into the other room. “Take my class,” she hollers back over her shoulder and I get solar plexus flutter of confirmation and my inner Guru smiles.




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