May 2022 Frequency Insight

Master Number

Happy May, yes, May 2022. This is the Frequency of The Month Message for May; as you can see, I’m in a field of sunflowers. I love sunflowers because it’s the State Flower of Kansas. I grew up in Kansas. The sunflower actually follows the sun, which is really wonderful, and that’s kind of what’s happening in May.

Everything is blossoming. The 5, the month of May 2022, adds up to an 11. It is a master number, and 11 is about new beginnings. It’s about courageously jumping into something new that you are activating in your world. That is what is happening.

Divine Partnership

That’s why, when you think of a flower blossoming, the flower will blossom. That’s its job. It never hesitates to wonder, “Well, I wonder if I can be a rose, or I wonder if I could be a daffodil.” It knows when it’s seeded and starts growing that you’ll get a sunflower seed if it’s a sunflower. If it’s a radish seed, you will get a radish. If it’s a daffodil bulb, you’re going to get a daffodil, unlike humans. Humans get the opportunity to choose themselves. During this month of May, with the frequency of 11, which is two pillars standing strong.

Know that two 1’s add together to be a 2, which is about divine partnership. You are in partnership with the universe to blossom, whatever you choose to blossom this month. How’s that for the Frequency of the Month? Namaste y’all. Namaste