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Marilyn Harper and composer Randy Luna form a mystical team of inter-dimensional travelers designed to assist you in raising your vibrational frequency for the collective Highest Good.


Each CD is either a Guided Meditation CD with a specific intention, i.e. connecting you to your spirit guides or entering the Akashic Records for the purpose of healing. Some carry the intention of healing at the cellular level or past life healing and releasing.


Practical Mysticism CD Cover

Practical Mysticism – $20.00

Recorded live, guided meditation entering the Akashic Records to release anything that is blocking you to this point.

CD Cover

Inner Light – $20.00

Guided meditation intentionally anchoring “Source Energy” in each part of your physical body to expand your Inner Consciousness.

CD Cover

Connection – $20.00

Guided meditation leading you through a cosmic journey transcending time and space consciously connecting you with your Spirit Guide, Angels, & Totem Animals anchoring their voice into your cellular system.

Messages CD Cover-Store

Messages From Your Soul – $20.00

Guided meditation connecting you with your guidance system leading you into Automatic or Inspired Writing.

CD Cover

Cellular Healing – $20.00

Guided Meditation recorded live with Adironnda, 1-10-10 group channeling, to align the meridians and heal cellular memory. Includes Music Track.

The following CD’s are Channeled music by Randy Luna,
a Branson Composer
with Luna Tranquilities.


CD Cover

Higher Journey – $20.00

This is the most dimensional music I have found, recorded during channeled meditation, transcends time and space to take you to your higher consciousness.

CD Cover

Harmony – $20.00

This music balances the listener and soothes chaotic energies.

CD Cover

Serenity – $20.00

Peace for Serenity, promotes relaxation and joy.


CD Cover

Mood Sensitive – $20.00

Shifts the mood of the listener.

Chakra Balancing CD Gif
Chakra Balancing CD

Chakra Balancing CD – $20.00

Description is A Guided Meditation for Personal Energy Theraypy. Utilizing Reiki energy, Chakra balancing will help you to align your energy field to a more blissful state of harmony and peace.


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2 thoughts on “Meditation CDs

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  2. Suzanne says:

    I love the meditation CD’s. I think I have a favorite and then listen to a different one and my opinion changes. With your help, I have cleared many things on a cellular level, become proficient at automatic writing and more. Everytime things get challenging at my job, I go home after work and play Inner Light and Harmony, the all becomes clear and peaceful again. Thank you Marilyn and Adironnda!

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