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Meet the man who introduced the term "Indigo Children"

He's entertaining and profound. He brings forth an energy called "Kryon," very similar to the energy of Adironnda yet with a scientific twist. He's written dozens of best selling books. Each year he is seen on stages all over the planet. Marilyn now has the privilege and honor to be traveling with Lee and the Kryon family and you can join them!

Israel, Feb 2017
Middle East Power Journey 
Feb 16-26, 2017
Marilyn Harper & Lee Carroll

Includes Egypt, Jordan/Petra


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Miami, FL 
InnerActive Weekend
Dec 15-17, 2018
 Lee Carroll and the Kryon family

Marilyn and Joeaux present 
Leverage Your Akash on Dec 16 
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How to Channel on Dec 17
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Sedona, AZ
Channeling Retreat   
Oct 18-21, 2018
A multitude of events!
 Lee Carroll and the Kryon family 

Marilyn is available for Private Sessions


A Kryon-inspired Event without Kryon?

 If you have been following Kryon and listening to the audio, you might recognize the voice and name of Marilyn Harper. She has been channeling Adironnda and her Council of Light next to Kryon almost every week, all over the world, for over a year. Marilyn has a grand work of her own with her partner Joeaux Robey. Together they have been doing workshops all over the planet, which they call “Plurkshops” (Play + Work = Plurk).

So after all this time with Kryon, They will start teaching some of the aspects of Kryon, given to you on weekends where Lee Carroll is NOT present. Make no mistake, this IS Kryon information, taught and channeled through Marilyn and Joeaux.