Help us to activate a million people

“It is good day to you!” – Adironnda

Welcome… it’s no accident that you have landed on this page. Now, you can also be a part of this mission to awaken, to activate, to help transform the planet.

As you may know, as directed by Adironnda… Marilyn Harper and Joeaux Robey – the coCreators of Adironnda & Company have a goal of activating 1,000,000 people. Yes, 1 million! Very do-able with the help of people like you.

What Can You Do? Easy. Tell 3 Friends.

If you tell 3 people, and those people tell 3 people, and then those 3 tell 3 more people… Poof! The world is activated and full of lightworkers like yourself. Wouldn’t that be a beautiful thing? You can get started right here by LIKING us on FaceBook or FOLLOWING us on Twitter.

Another thing you can do is set your cell phone alarm to 11:11 AM, and encourage your friends, too. Can you imagine all of the cell phones all over the world ringing at the same time, every hour in every time zone? Reminding us to simply send love to the planet.

Use and Share our Products.

Or, maybe you’ve seen our cobalt blue bottles? They are purposeful and fun at the same time. If you attend one of our events you will quickly learn about “snapping it out, and tapping it in.” If you don’t know what we’re talking about – – stick around! You soon will be espousing the wisdom of Adironnda and having a lot of fun doing it! After all, isn’t that why we are all here? To live in joy! (That’s Adironnda’s, too!)


Our Mission with Adironnda & Company

Our mission is to inspire, motivate and provide concrete, effective tools and methods to help you heal your past, integrate and live in your present and fully experience the infinite potential of your own authenticity… to be in love, joy and peace.

Welcome to the wonderful wisdom of Adironnda & Company! Wooohooo! Click here to learn more about Marilyn, Joeaux, and Adironnda.



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7 thoughts on “Activating 1,000,000 People

  1. Angela de Lara says:

    Would please discontinue the CD mailings and just send the electronic links via email for current and prior programs.
    Thanks, Angela

  2. Joeaux Robey says:

    Hi Suzanne,

    You will receive the download replay and call in info the day of the recording. It will also have the 2/2 on it as well.

    Welcome to the group!


  3. Suzanne Adams says:

    How do I get replays for Feb? Don’t send cd’s
    Thanks a bunch + is the call in info the same for 2/22?

  4. Gwen Humphrey says:

    YES – please discontinue the CD mailing and add me to the electronic connection. Great idea! WooHoo and Continued Blessings

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