Double Digit Monthly Channeling Web 200x200Here’s that download we promised you!

You can either listen and watch the replay below…

OR Download the MP3.

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Double Digit Group Session:

“It’s the end of the world as we know it… and I feel fine!”

Download the MP3 Recording

<<Double Digit 12122012 >>


Tips for Downloading – Settings Differ Per Computer

NOTE: These downloads are formatted for iTunes
You can download iTunes FREE here:

TO DOWNLOAD: Simply, click the link…
If it doesn’t download and opens a window with an audio player, try:

MAC: Ctrl Click the link, if asked choose Open with iTunes
PC: Alt Click the link, if asked choose Open with iTunes

CHALLENGES? READ THIS: If you do not frequently practice Downloading, you might not have set up your Downloads folder for obvious display on your desktop. if this is the case, it is possible that Download is happening but that the file is ending up in a hidden folder. Please use the Finder or Search function for your computer to look for a Downloads folder.

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