VERY INTENTIONAL PEEPS. Important Ones, too!

Become one of our amazing VIPs and you’ll be invited to our Next VIP Weekend, for VIPs only! (That’s a lot of VIPs in one sentence : )

The Chair of Royalty for Adironnda VIPs

Adironnda’s Next VIP Weekend

Fortunately, we have some pretty amazing friends! One of them built a castle not too far from Marilyn’s hometown of Springfield, Missouri. She decided to share her home with us and all of our amazing VIPs, so in 2013 we put together a weekend made for a King, or Queen, or maybe even a Princess. We are due for another one soon.

The Aventurine Castle
The entrance to Aventurine Castle – where amazing, mystical, fun awaits you!

What is a VIP?

A VIP is someone like you, someone who appreciates the messages of Adironnda, who sets a very clear intention of assisting us to reach more and more people. Who likes to have fun with Marilyn and Joeaux. It’s all about the intention that makes them so important.

To become a VIP, email, subject: VIP

Our Next VIP Weekend:

WHO: All VIPs that have hosted us between August 2010 and December 2012 will receive an invitation.
WHAT: A very special weekend with Adironnda, Marilyn, and Joeaux and, our VIPs are the guests of honor.
WHERE: TBD (‘Got a gorgeous property?)
FEE: Complimentary to VIPs. (Priceless value).

How to Become a VIP

Begin by requesting to host a VIP event, email, subject: VIP. We check our schedule and see if your location is a good fit for our current route.

One of the Aventurine Courtrooms
The courtyard just outside of the amazing “craft” room…

Invite Marilyn, Joeaux and Adironnda & Company to your home, business, church, community and host a Wake-up Call Group Session one evening and a 1-day Plurkshop:

  • Invite at least 30 of your friends
  • Provide, or find a place for Marilyn and Joeaux (and Adironnda) to stay for 3 days and 2 nights.
  • Provide a quiet space for Marilyn to hold Private Sessions while there.
  • Occasionally, VIPs are selected for helping us out in some way that was beyond the call of duty.

Why Become a VIP?

You’ll get a Free 1-hour Private Session ($144 value)
You (and your family) come to the Group Event, Free ($33 + $99 value)
You get to come to the Annual VIP Weekend (Priceless)
Plus, there’s that part about having the loving energy of Marilyn, Joeaux and Adironnda in your space
And… As we prepare for your VIP event, Marilyn “shoots you the juice”
Best of all, you help to spread the messages of Adironnda & Company

About the last VIP Weekend

Adironnda was present the entire time. In fact, this was their idea! They pulled together all of you, the leaders of our community, to deliver a special message, and provide special activations. We (Marilyn and Joeaux) wanted you to all meet one another because we know you individually and we know you’ll all love one another. You are your own perfect network – – – we just connected the dots!

Friday evening was a special dinner and happy hour for you to all get to know one another. We did ice breakers, intuitive games for a night to remember! Adironnda had a special message to everyone on Friday, too.

The Aventurine Castle
What you don’t here is the huge piece of Missouri “wood land” that these picture windows view….

Saturday was a breakfast with more activities, including shopping at our fave dress shop. (For all of you who ask – WHERE does Marilyn get her clothes?). Yes, they opened the shop especially for us! One big “girlfriend day.”

We swam in the beautiful swimming pool at the Castle, plenty of property to roam around on, and hiked a bit. Saturday evening, we barbecued and drummed, closing the day with another message from Adironnda.

It was a midwestern barbecue and a full moon drumming!

Sunday morning wrapped up with a brunch and a final message, especially for leaders, from Adironnda. We had a Spiritual crafts project. We exchanged contact information to keep in touch and everyone was privvy to our next VIP program, if you choose, to play an even more special role in the work of Adironnda & Company.

The event ended at noon on Sunday. All food will be provided.


Everyone slept in the castle. Think of it as 1 big slumber party.


Branson and Springfield International Airport are the 2 closes airports. The flights are a bit scattered so be sure to check their schedule. We will provide more information after the invitations go out.





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