Message for the World to Receive

Message for the World to Receive

Lighting Your Fire

Hi, Marilyn Harper here. I would like to tell you just a little bit about our Everything Is Possible. Everything Is Possible is a Plurkshop (play + work = plurk) that Joeaux and I created about two years ago. The first time was in Stamford, Connecticut, when we had called it “Awaken Your Superhuman”, but now it has transformed into Everything Is Possible. We are teaching it online, coming up, September 19th & 20th, live-streamed. And I have to tell you that it is a fabulous class.

Furthermore, we hear success stories all the time. I have a video of people that have attended Everything Is Possible, and all the things that have happened to them. One of our friends that does some of our graphic artwork for us she came to Everything Is Possible live-stream in June. Since then, she has completed her Voice of the Soul Oracle Cards. She has an app. It lit a fire under her.

Exciting New Program

Everything Is Possible is about you asking yourself what is it that you would like to create? To know that everything is possible, and give yourself action steps to create that. This program is about asking yourself what you see in your heart, that you feel, experience, and bringing it closer to you by raising yourself to that vibration. Such a power-filled class, for two days. Yes, I know, two days out of a weekend is a lot. However, it’s fun and light. Even online, we dance, play, sing, and do all kinds of fun things. We are kicking off a special program during Everything Is Possible on the 19th & 20th of September called “Train the Trainer program.” That’s right. It’s been our guidance from Adironnda that this Plurkshop is so magnificent and simple, and the message from this new program needs to get to everyone.

Virtual Connection

So we are launching a training program, and you will be able to teach the Everything is Possible information from this class and offer it to whoever you choose. The training program launches Monday morning, it’s a two-hour program. After spending all weekend online, you may think, “Oh no, I have to spend online on Monday morning too?” I guarantee it will be fun.

You’ll learn something about yourself. If you would like to come, it is free to you on Monday morning. All you have to do is have taken Everything Is Possible at some point in time. You don’t have to attend the live-stream weekend on the 19th & 20th, but at some point in time, and it might be fun to revisit it because we’ve changed it for the live-stream. And then you will see that there’s a specific vibration that happens, a synergy, if you would, that occurs when two or more people are gathered together, even virtually with the energy and in that connection.

Way of Evolution

This event may be our last live-streamed Everything Is Possible. We do have an Everything Is Possible in Detroit, Michigan, November 7-8, 2020, and Dallas, Texas, November 14-15, 2020 live and in-person. But, I don’t want this whole thing to sound like a sales pitch, but it’s more like a passion-mercial. Joeaux and I have learned so much working together. Being together, we’re living together, and she’s moving out the end of the month. It’s amazing how we bring the people to us that will help us learn the most and evolve the most. That’s what Everything Is Possible is; it’s a way of evolution. It’s a way of taking your soul’s life purpose, and evolving from that, using the tools and techniques that are so simple and easy in Everything Is Possible.

For Your Family

When you have completed the program, after two days, you can teach it to your grandkids. You can teach it to your family. You can teach it to anybody, and it’s so powerful. Lives change after they take Everything Is Possible. They do. We talk about the Trinity of Truth. Do you know what the Trinity of Truth is? You’ll find out—Live-streamed, September 19th & 20th, hopefully for the last time live-streamed. And then the training program launches on the 21st; the training program is open to anyone. If you would like to be a speaker, a teacher, or go into your church or to your family, I mean, when my brother came to Everything Is Possible in Sacramento, he said, “You need to do this for our family.” What a great idea.

Using Intention

My brother may be there to do the training so he can do it with the family. It is one thing that takes your intention, whatever your feelings are, whatever your thoughts are, and what you would like to see in your world. Whether it’s a new home, a new relationship, being a singer, a playwright, a screenwriter, an author, or just doing whatever you love the most. Everything Is Possible will help you jumpstart that, and give you seven simple tools that you can go out and do right then, that day. So Everything Is Possible, September 19th & 20th, live-streamed, check it out on our website, so exciting. We are finally launching the Everything Is Possible Train the Trainer program. It’s going to be all taught online with only two in-person events that you can attend.

Positivity Floating Around

It’s going to be great fun, and we’re going to translate it into other languages and do all kinds of things with it because the message of Everything Is Possible is everything is possible. It is such an important message for you, and for the world to receive, especially in these interesting times, that it is time for us to have a little positivity floating on out there in the world. So please, join us. Have a great day. And if you’re not having a great day, think about why, and know that you could have a better day, because everything is possible. Namaste y’all, namaste.



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