Message from the Starlings

Messages from the Starlings

Unusual Behavior

Hello! A friend of mine sent me a video of starlings on her lawn, which were very unusual because she lives in Canada, and it was -20 Celsius there, which is -4 Fahrenheit, and they were doing something unusual. She’d lived in this house for several years, and she had never seen so many birds at one time flying around, and the trees were full.

Connecting with You

So in my World, that becomes a message, animals, birds, reptiles, animals, they’re all bringing us signs, and you know this. So you want to ask if a bird or group of birds or animals are doing something unusual, what does that mean for you? How’s that connecting to you?

More Effective in Groups

So I got out my trusty Animal Speak book. First, I asked her what kind of birds they were, and she said she believed that they were starlings. The Animal Speak book says group behavior and etiquette. It’s the power of spring, the starling is a very sociable bird, and its lessons reveal ideas and energies associated with group behavior and etiquette. They teach you how to be more effective in groups, which is interesting for my friend because she is now starting to do groups in channeling.

Community and Groups

She’s a part of the Channeler’s Academy. And she’s more acknowledged in groups, which is perfect that the starling showed up in her life. Anything dealing with community or group behavior falls under the starling teachings, whether they’re good or bad. An example of inappropriate group behavior is reflected in the mobbing that starlings often do to other birds.

Mob Mentality

And I have mobs of starlings that come into my bird feeders, and the only birds that knock them out are these giant rock pigeons, and nobody messes with the massive rock pigeons or the giant pileated woodpeckers. But they do carry that mob mentality when they come in.

Important Questions

The book also says, if a starling has shown up in your life, ask yourself some important questions. Are you feeling as though life is ganging up on you? Are you applying undue pressure on others? How has your etiquette been lately in group situations? It may even be a warning to watch out for possible misbehavior. If you have been feeling mobbed, you may want to study and meditate upon the screech owl to help you deter this in your life.

Stronger Energy Coming Through

In the spring, the starlings’ bill turns yellow, a sign of spring; their bill is like a gray color or taupe color in the winter. That would be a question of what is it that you are doing with your vocal expression? For me, it would be the Channeler’s Academy. The book mentions you will have stronger energy coming through vocally, and you may want to watch or be aware of what you say to people and how you may tend to say it either correctly or incorrectly or blow something out of proportion.

Peace in Community

Just be aware that many times the starling can be a little like the ego and blow something out of proportion. So be mindful of that so you can avoid that. It’s usually an indication to watch your own sensitivity to other people’s words. The starling has the ability to imitate lots of other word sounds, and this reflects the lessons for community. Large numbers live at peace in community.

Journey to North America

The starlings are not indigenous to North America. The starlings were brought over here by a wealthy land mogul from Europe; he brought his favorite birds in cages, starlings. They invaded the Eastern Coast so much that they became species that people would hunt and kill. I know; I just read that the other day and I thought, “That’s wild.”

Messages Everywhere in the World

That is a part of that mob mentality, so you will get the opportunity to be sensitive to that as you’re expanding in your group communication. You see, there are messages everywhere in the World. The universe is bringing you things that you get the opportunity to connect with. I know; I talk about messages all the time.

Rhythm of Life

I have a giant pileated woodpecker that has come to my bird feeder, and I just love him. He’s so wonderful, and he’s only recently brought a spouse with him. There’s another slightly smaller woodpecker, a pileated woodpecker. And they do mate for life. So I think that’s a message for me in my relationship process. So understand, like the woodpecker is about the rhythm of life and how you’re changing your rhythm.

Animal Messages

I have to say my rhythm is certainly changed in the past year, and it may be getting back to a more natural rhythm for me in these new times. So, I just thought I would share all that with you and let you think about the birds, animals, and creatures of the world that are a part of your environment. And ask yourself what they’re bringing to you when they are doing something unusual.

Paying Attention

Now, if they’re not doing something unusual, it may not be a message for you. It may just be that pickle is just a pickle, but if they’re doing something unexpected or different, then pay attention to it because there’s definitely a message there. Anyway, namaste you all namaste.


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