Mighty Money Magnet

mighty money magnet

Manifestation Song

Hi, Joeaux here. I admit, I can sometimes be pretty silly. That’s kind of how I get through life, by laughing and having fun.

And recently a friend of mine said, “You know that song you sing about manifestation? Could you teach that to me?”

Well, I’m going to teach it to ALL of you. But first I want to give credit, where credit is due.

It’s All About the Vibration

(Oh, this is my LOVE sticker here because I’m at a Kryon InnerActive event in Boston. And Dr. Amber said our name should be ‘Love’ so of course, I made my name Love.)

I wanna teach you this song. The words actually come from my friend, Laney and my friend, Sylvia.

Because one time I said, “You guys are really good manifestors, how do you do that?” And they told me (which is something we teach in our Awaken Your Super Human Plurkshop), that it’s all about the vibration.

So they have these words that they put together, and they said, “You have to put it to your own tune.”

So here goes… (singing):

I’m a mighty money magnet.
Money comes to me…
Easily and effortlessly.
I am open to receive.
And oh so grateful…
That all of my needs are met.

Now please, no comments about my singing.

Mighty Money Magnet

The words are:

I’m a mighty money magnet.
Money comes to me…
Easily and effortlessly.
I am open to receive.
(And this is the most important part…)
And oh so grateful…
(You have to feel it in your heart)
That all of my needs are met.

And I have to say that I pretty much get what I want. I get whatever I desire. I mean it just comes into my world.

Marilyn is always saying to me, “Joeaux, you are the best money magnet.”

And I wouldn’t even say it’s money, because it shows up in all different forms. It’s that vibration of being able to have whatever you need.

Appreciation is Key

So there, that’s for my friend who asked. And all of my other friends out there who I think could really benefit from using the song.

And a special shout out to Laney and Sylvia for having taught me that years ago… when I was a little bit nervous about coming down this path with Marilyn. (Would it actually be able to support me and her both?) And you know what? It has.

And I am so grateful. I’m grateful for all of you.

I think it would be really funny if you would put the words to your own music and post it back to me. That would be really cool! I would love to hear what you do with it.

Have a great day! And go out there and be a money magnet (whatever that looks like for you). Love you (Muah).

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8 thoughts on “Mighty Money Magnet

  1. Anne K. Hudec says:

    I am listening to your guidance and ‘strange’ things are happening. Yesterday I was at “Michaels” craft store shopping for some colour markers and found my wallet was left at home. I thought of Marilyn and attraction of money. It came to my mind that I did have a change purse in the glove compartment of my car. – I found I had enough change to buy the item I wanted. And returned home, safe and sound.

  2. Peggy says:

    Thank you for this. For me, I felt the need to add these two lines at the end.
    I am a money magnet
    of this I can’t forget

  3. Patrizia says:

    Thanks alot dear,i’m really in needing ti improve my life,but without job and Money,it’s not possible.I start singing these powerful words since NOW,Hope to update you very soon about the “miracle magnet”.have a great day you top,dear Joeaux!

  4. Janice O'Kane says:

    I love this and sing it to the tune of “I’m a Little Teapot”! Thank you for sharing such a great and fun idea!

  5. Lisa Kiehn says:

    Well now didn’t that little song just bust my cold stone heart open. As soon as we say “I am open to recieve…” Pop! I think I may have been afraid to be vunerable Joeaux…
    Because I am so darn sad.
    Thank you sweet one. This really helped me just as the stars aligned perfectly for the mercury/venus conjunction. ❤

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