Miracle Reminder

Miracle Reminder

One Function

My ACIM (A Course In Miracles) reminder for the day says, “Salvation is my only function here. My part is essential to God’s plan for salvation.” It’s an app that I have, and I do it every day. That sounds like a great Weekly Message.

God’s Plan for Salvation

My part is essential to God’s plan for salvation. What does that mean? When you stop and think about it, God’s plan for salvation is my only function here. I am within the one true God of the Universe. And that one true God of the Universe is within me. That Source of all that is. I work with a lot of A Course In Miracles possibilities. The one that was talking about was also from Pam Grout in the Course of Miracles Experiment, rewiring your brain.

One Purpose

And it is about your only purpose, which is to be free. Salvation doesn’t mean that it’s something that we get baptized and immersed in water and come out clean and pure. But salvation is to be free of all of humanity’s encumberments, all of humanity’s victimhood, all of the blame game.

Divine Order

Everything that no longer serves, that’s what salvation feels like the energy to be free. And Pam Grout says, “No one is free unless everyone is free.” Well, I’m not responsible for everyone. However, I believe that I am inspiring people to be all that they are, to be free, hold in their hearts, and salvation of feeling free. Even though I was going to talk to you about something else at this moment that came through and there are no accidents. Everything is in divine order.

A Course In Miracles

If you are not an A Course In Miracles student, I recommend getting an A Course In Miracles. Suppose the workbook and the text workbook are not working for you. If that’s too much information, try Pam Grout. A Course In Miracles Experiment, A Way to Rewire Your Brain. I have it on Kindle, and it works very well for me. And then I read A Course In Miracles, and it’s like, oh, I get it now.

God’s Purpose for Us

Because my only purpose is to be free and no one’s free unless everybody is free, translation in the Course of Miracle. Salvation is my only function here. My part is essential to God’s plan for salvation. Basically, the connection is the plan for salvation is for us to help everyone learn who they are and live the happiest life they can live because that is God’s purpose for us.

Learn Something Everyday

Yes, there’s always going to be contrast because we’re all still evolving, and we’re learning how to handle that contrast. And so we’re all still learning. I mean, I learn something every day. I listen to something, and I connect with something every day.

This Universe was Made for Us

I do read A Course In Miracles every day. And then I read Pam Grout’s interpretation of A Course In Miracles every day, and it helps me remind me who I am. It helps remind me that this Universe was made for us. That we are a part of this Universe, and we are a part of the essence of all that is, and that’s pretty darn cool.

Flowing with the Energy

Something it doesn’t feel smooth or feel like you’re pushing through stuff. I mean, we just made a reservation in an Airbnb, and it took two weeks. It was like back and forth and back and forth and craziness and pushing the energy, and releasing the energy, and flowing with the energy, and acknowledging the energy, and then how can it be so complicated?

Love in Every Situation

My job is to see the love in that as A Course In Miracles student; I see the love in that and see how we’re all in that state of juggling. I may learn to juggle so that I can get that into my cellular body. Because we’re all learning new ways, new aspects to accommodate in this life. And that’s pretty cool. I’m really thankful for that.

Essence of Freedom

And I’m also thankful for A Course In Miracles. And I’m also thankful that my watch touches my glass desk, and it makes all kinds of percussion instruments. So I can put an exclamation point over what I say. Exclamation point, love yourself! You are the salvation to the world. You are a part of the essence of freedom in this world. Exclamation point! Namaste, y’all. Namaste.

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